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  1. Hey thanks man, I wish there was more I could do but Ill use that advice and take it to heart🤗
  2. Hey, I hope its okay if I use this... I want to send it to someone very dear to me. It's a great poem, every letter is motivational, and I'd love for her to hear it. Let me know if I may send it out
  3. Hey Guys, Though my name doesn't really matter... I hope my questions and story do... So to begin, I'd like to thank all of you for your answers and help :) I'm only 19, but I have a girlfriend and well she is struggling with so much guys... Like a lot. Her anxiety has driven her to believe things that are not true or to crush her confidence. She often believes things like that she is worthless and ugly, and not enough. And that she isn't good at things... When she is so good at them, I know a lot of this is due to her low self-esteem but on days that she is anxious she multiplies it by 10 or 20 times and it drives her down to a dark place and I can't seem to help. I guess what I am asking here is the following Can you guys tell me how to handle this, she is too "busy" to see a GP or therapist, so I want to do something, Exercises? Maybe you guys can tell me what to reassure her in? or to validate what she is saying..even if it's not true? I don't like the idea of that but I am not sure what to do. I only want her to feel better, I want to distract her from the negative thoughts, I don't want to force her to believe what I believe just yet, I know to believe in yourself... it's a journey you have to make. So like I said I don't want to force her to do that, but I don't want to leave her in the dirt and hope she gets up. Is distracting her with breathing exercises or making her think of something beautiful or a funny video a good idea? I'm, not the best at writing and explaining things, Soo I beg for you to ask questions, and share advice... I want this girl to believe in herself, Please teach me what I can do, what I can contribute, and when I should let her do her own thing... Please ask any questions or comments You can call me Delgado :)