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    They can. Not all do though. I take them daily with no issue. I’ve taken others that caused lots of issues like gas.
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    Thats exactly the cause. You thinking and monitoring natural processes which your body used to do automatically since you were at the age of 1 day old. This symptom is very common here as well…
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    Yes i had it years ago when i was in super stress times. Its the hyper awareness to every thing plus stressing this muscles when you are not even aware.
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    I may have had something like this. It's stress, more than likely. Time to relax.
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    I tend to get quite anxious before travelling but over the years I have found some ways to help me feel more calm and relaxed before travelling and during the trip itself. Here are my tips for travelling anxiety-free: A few weeks before travelling, I see an acupuncturist for specific treatments that target anxiety. This has proven to be quite effective for me. I tend to feel more calm and relaxed before travelling and also during the trip itself. Often I also mention tense or painful areas of my body (i.e. back, neck, etc.) to the acupuncturist and get them treated as well. The better you feel before travelling, the better the whole trip will be. I start preparing and packing early. It makes me feel less anxious and nervous when I know I have prepared everything well. About a week before travelling, I start drinking one to two cups of chamomile and lemonbalm tea every day. Chamomile and lemonbalm tea is very calming. If I still feel a bit anxious, I use “Rescue Remedy” (Bach flower remedies) before and also during the trip. On the morning of the trip, I drink a cup of chamomile or lemonbalm tea and I have a comforting meal, such as muesli or porridge/oatmeal. About ½ hour before the trip, I eat a banana. Eating one or two bananas about ½ hour before a stressful event/situation has been proven to lower anxiety levels. I also pack some snacks. Almonds, dark chocolate, walnuts and some fruit are great. Almonds and dark chocolate are high in magnesium. Magnesium calms the nervous system, relaxes the muscles and lowers stress levels. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which also lower the body’s stress response. When travelling by train or airplane, I listen to calming music or read a book – usually something light and heart-warming. I avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks before travelling as well as during the trip completely as those are known to aggravate anxiety. I often take some herbal tea bags with me as a lot of hotels don’t seem to have them. They usually only have coffee, black tea and green tea available on their breakfast buffets. I hope those few tips will help you for your next trip. Happy travels, Jacqueline Brandes Author of “Calm Your Mind in 5 Weeks: How to Reduce Anxiety Naturally”
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    Schedule an activity for the morning to do as soon as you awake (no laying in bed thinking permitted!) so that when you get up you can set your mind right to some type of responsability. I wake up and make the bed and then immediately either walk my dogs, if my wife hasnt already, then I go make breakfast. Eating breakfast is very important too for anxiety because it jump starts your metabolism. Without doing that your body will create more stress hormones throughout the day in turn making you more anxious all day long and there is nothing you can do about it until the next morning. It is also important for ppl with anxiety to have a high protein breakfast with low sugar and carbs. I know people who have basically cured their anxiety disorders by simply eating large high protein breakfast every morning. Basically you need to give yourself something other than anxiety to think about in the morning. No one has ever thought their way out of anxiety you have to act your way out by making decisions that will minimize the stress in your life.