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    MS was my "anxiety passion" last year. I had all the symptoms, especially tingling in one side of the body. I also remember waking up every day expecting to lose the view of one eye (typical ms symptoms), and so much i waited that i remember clearly waking up with eye pain one day. I went to a neurologist who immediately understood i was crazy (lol), and nearly kicked me out of the hospital. Since the second i was outside the hospital i didn't have a single symptoms. But don't worry, i already have new deadly diseases to think about
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    Hello. I'm new here, and feel I need...like really need to talk to someone. So, I'm writing this after my second panic attack in 3 days. My first ended up with me sat, explaining symptoms to a paramedic (Thought I was mid heart attack) then an EKG showing a healthy heart...Then it happened again soon after he left. This time, all I remember is...Pounding heart, then panic attack. I've never experienced this before, but it's the worst thing I think I've ever dealt with. Going to see my doc the first chance I can. Does anyone have any tips? I try to control my breathing, and think "This is a panic attack. Nothing more. The symptoms are your brain, nothing more." But it's impossible to control. I feel lost... Thanks for reading.
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    yes Mine were normal too!!!!! yay!!!!! cheers!!!!!!!
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    in the afternoon i went again to the bath and no red signs, i hope i won't find anything tomorrow so i will be sure it was tomato
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    Hi guys and pleased to announce that my blood work and urinalysis was all normal!!! Thank you all for your support!! They didn't do a CBC which I think its weird.... they did kidney, liver, sugar and other stuff.... in any case, I had a normal CBC back in October so I am not too worried about that. My husbands was also normal! Thank you all for your support!!
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    Yep. You've been very worried/anxious lately, it seems. Sorry you're struggling so much, but you're fine, and you'll be fine. Anxiety creates a heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity to our surroundings and normal bodily functions. You're fine.