Can't seem to get a grip on irrational and unrealistic thoughts. HELP!

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I love to sing but, I've quit due to irrational thoughts of voice loss, voice not sounding, right, etc you name it! I can't seem to rid the thoughts. couple months back I was losing My mind due to this crazy flu on top of My anxiety due to withdrawal side effects from Prozac because I decided to quit taking it. thought I didn't need it. well turns out I did still need some meds so now I'm on Celexa. My voice has been perfectly fine all this time. I'm just out of practice. I need to keep reminding Myself I'm just out of practice because I've quit for months, and months. but, it's just hard! the unrealistic thoughts creep up on me again! it's beyond terrible. I've read Celexa will make you have some up and down moods and emotions when taking it but, that it'll wear off in a few weeks time. is anyone else on celexa? would love to know how it has helped you. PLEASE help me rid these terrible thoughts.

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I took Celexa for years and had no bad side effects from it.  As the years past I was taken off and put on Lexipro which is a newer drug.  I would go back on Celexa in a minute if I had to so don't be afraid of it, it was a huge help.  My brother takes it now and it's helped him a whole lot. 

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