Who Inspires YOU?

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Hi Everyone

Is there someone one who inspired your or does inspire you in your life? I just visited a friend over the weekend who I hadn't seen in years.

Her hubby was diagnosed with stage 4 c****r, 4 years ago given only 6 months to live.. His response was that is up to God decide not you the doctors... when she shared me his story of his sheer will, determination, positivity to live, the countless surgeries, etc he had to endure... it made me think to myself... the power of our MINDS... if we can really use that MIND to our best ability than folks we even conquer this ugly beast we call ANXIETY... we just have to let it know whose in charge ;)

So think back to who has inspired you in your life and learn from the examples of others... that anything is truly possible if we PUT OUR MINDS TO IT AND BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT !!!

Amber xoxo



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Amber,.  I know of a only a few people who crossed paths with me who I can say inspire me.  They aren't perfect and someone could easily find fault with any of them, but what sets them apart for me is a glow they have about them.  One such person I know was a close friend of mine before I was married who continues to text  me just to tell me he prays for me.  Others have told me he is a weird fellow, a little off. Because he is always smiling, quick to put his arms around you , quick to share every detail of his life, very trusting, very open, and always wants to just hang out.  I know his life is quite full, he is involved in many volunteer activities, sings louder than anyone else in church. He was present at  my own wedding, where he sang above the cantor. Such a person , inspires me because he reflects who we will be in heaven.  He reflects his Lord and Savior and walks the talk . He is the real deal.  I pray for him often, in fact his name is mentioned whenever I pray, not because I think he needs anything , but rather that he never become discouraged and always continue to have that glow about him  that touches people's lives. I understand he works as an insurance claim adjuster, and I am certain he does that with compassion.  He hasn't done great things, he isn't famous, but rather does ordinary every day things with humility and compassion. When I call him he lifts me up. Always saying let's pray , and then just being there. No solutions are needed.  Encouragement is often the best cure. He knows of my own issues and for this he always says give it to the Lord. Those words inspire me. Give it, meaning take the monkey off your own back, and let God handle it.  prayer more than anything changes ones expectations and reactions to one of optimism and gratitude even in the face of tragic events because it helps us see through the lens of faith.  Considering this life to be an exponentially short blip in contrast to eternity , no matter what happens , how we react to it is more important than the outcome.  Grief strengthens us, it refines us, it defines us and helps us grow.   A person of such faith is contagious in this  world we live in. They are because they provide this perspective, and in reminding me of this,  they have my back, they encourage and I believe this is because of the glow they possess inside, a glow which possesses them inside.  He makes me know I have only one thing I need to be concerned with, and that is being able to hear Jesus say to me. I really knew you, well done,  enter into my kingdom.   

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