Hyperventilating with Asthma

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Hello all! Just wondering if anyone out there has any advice.


Long story short, whenever I have an asthma attack I quickly make sure to use my inhaler. This does help me to breathe better, but within an hour or so, I'm back to my bad breathing habits. I have a bit of a problem with constantly breathing too fast or taking too many deep breaths. It's especially bad when I have to use my inhaler, since that opens the airways even more and makes the hyperventilating so much worse. I obviously need to use my inhaler when I have an asthma attack, but it usually results in another fit of hyperventilation as well.


Does anyone know any tips or fixes for this? Or any advice?

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Hello Emily, from what you say, i would say that you are nervously anticipating the asthma attacks return so are consciously taking over you subconscious breathing rhythm which usually ends up with a tight chest, dizziness, lightheadedness and tingling of your limbs, hands etc as you allow too much oxygen in which disrupts the oxygen/CO2 balance. A breathing exercise of breathing in for 6 seconds and out for 6 seconds nice and calmly, would balance your levels and make you more relaxed, then focus on the thoughts coming in which are the root cause of your conscious breathing.  See the thoughts, notice them but don't react to them.  See them float by and fade away, this will also act as a distraction to take your focus away from your introspection. 

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