Kinesiology and vampires

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Going down the alternative route is always an odd one.  I've considered hypnotherapy but then didn't go ahead with it as the hypnotherapist refused to meet me for a chat first so I could decide if I connected with him.  I explained it was a lot of money to just hand over to someone I wasn't sure I would trust.  Apparently every second of his time needed to be paid for, so even a 5 minute hello nice to meet you was going to cost me.  Obviously I declined.

A friend recently booked me in for Kinesiology.  I had never heard of it before, but thought what the heck, I'll give it a go.  In my mind, it was going to be some kind of massage therapy (in my native language, kinesist means physiotherapist).  So I went in with no idea what to expect.  The lady sat me down and took a detailed history, both medical and psychological.  Somehow, during the first half hour conversation, I realised I really liked, and trusted her.  A lot of what she was saying made perfect sense to me.  I still had no idea what she intended to do.  

online definition of kinesiology: 

Systematic Kinesiology has an approach to health that is truly holistic. That means every health problem or symptom you’re experiencing will be approached from a wide perspective. Stress makes every other factor worse.  So as Systematic Kinesiology practitioners we seek to find explanations for you.  Help you to understand the link between what you eat, think, do every day and your health.

The main tool to identify the possible cause(s) is through muscle testing.   This helps the practitioner to identify why you feel the way you do (tired, stressed, suffer digestive problems, back pain), by finding out from your body, and then balancing the body how it wants to be fixed.


She then did some of this "muscle testing" and told me my yellow chakra was out of balance?  At this point I was like... oh no, it's one of those.  She's going to chant and wave her hands around for half an hour and tell me I'll be fine.

Anyway. She then put a yellow ribbon over my eyes, tiger's eye on my belly, rosemary oil near my face, and then waved a tuning fork around my head.  Weirdly, the sound of it made my spine tingle.

Then on to more muscle testing.  After the second round of muscle testing she starts telling me all these fairly personal things about myself.  Scarily accurate.  Even for a sceptic like me!

Then apparently we needed to find out which herb tincture I should be taking.  This was decided by putting boxes of tinctures on my stomach, doing muscle tests to narrow it down to one single bottle.

I ended up with vervain. ( Which just gave me a fit of the giggles, as I watch this series on netflix called Vampire Diaries, where vervain is toxic to vampires, and stops them from controlling your mind.).

Apparently vervain helps people who are too sympathetic to others but not sympathetic enough to themselves.  I have a feeling this would apply to every anxiety sufferer out there.

But still.

All in all, the weirdest hour and a half I've ever filled.  Aside from really liking the woman, and finding her to be talking more sense than my therapist, I still haven't decided how I feel about all this, but at least i am safe from vampires ^^

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your funny Cassandara :) 

i have tried Rekki several times in the past, i too was a skeptic at first, bascially it is healing hands all over your body, but before she does it she says a prayer so the negativity doesnt go into herself... than she does that for like an hour all over my body, and just slighty touching me while i am under a blanket... after a few sessions it helped me with my its only temporary remember that, we as suffers need to get under the root cause.... 

i am very loving to other people but hard on myself, and loving myself.... working on that.... takes times :)  

one Rekki practioner said i am very intutive.... but when my mind is always thinking or racing. its a struggle to tap into that.... :p 



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Hi Rainbow,

I've never tried Reiki.  Frankly I tend to stay away from alternative stuff like that, but this time around I'll pretty much have a go at anything.  Can hardly hurt.  Plus I'm feel when I DO look into alternative stuff, I tend to be more focused on trying to figure out the person doing it rather than actually thinking about whether or not it will have any result.  You know, trying to see if they actually believe in what they are doing or not.

I'm one of those people who goes to magic shows to try and figure out how they do it, rather than just sit back and enjoy.  I need to know HOW stuff works before I trust that it WILL work.  And I'm not sure how a yellow ribbon over my eyes and tiger's eye on my stomach would help.  Be great if it did though. Yellow ribbons for all!  I will be holding on to the vervain. Ya never know ;)

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Woww this sounds amazing!! I am a very spiritual person and would love to try this!!! I'm going to google for my area! I also watched that vampire series :)



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