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Coping Skills that my therapist taught me in counseling

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Hi everyone,

im spring2015 . I been seeing my therapist for 10 going on 11 months on September 3 . Here is a list of coping skills that she taught me in counseling to use when my anxiety level is high. it might help anyone who has high anxiety.

For high Anxiety

1) physical activity

a. walking

b. climbing steps

2) deep breathing

3) mindfulness box

4) guided imagery

5) progressive relaxation exercises

6) diversions

7) counteracting thoughts

a.think positive

8) relaxation exercises

9) mindfulness

10) journaling

11) the STOP technique

I hope these will anyone who has high anxiety like me .


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Thank you for sharing and welcome to the site, Spring.  I joined here about a year ago and it has been a great place for support and encouragement or just to know that others understand what I am feeling.


I am realizing that I will always be an anxious person but that I have the ability to control my thoughts and feelings.  The list you shared is great and many, if not all, of these skills can be used when in crisis mode in order to calm down but are also good tools for preventing the anxiety from getting too far out of control to begin with.  That is the part I am working on these days :-)

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