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  1. hi Jenniferhop, im still new this site but I can emphasize with you. I have anxiety and depression . I had a car accident eight months ago I had a rental car but I return it after the rental period was up. I see a therapist for 10 going on 11 months next month . it will take time Jennifer .are you seeing a therapist and taking meds for your panic attacks ? my therapist and I have a great client therapist relationship . I wish you well and maybe you will get over your panic attacks and depression. spring2015
  2. hi everyone, im spring2015. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression by my therapist last fall . it will be 10 going on 11 months on September 3rd . my therapist diagnosed me with anxiety and depression in my intake interview w her on October 3rd ,2014. I'm very grateful for my therapist . she is a great therapist that I can count on to me through my rough times when I need to talk to someone about my problems. she taught me the coping skills that I use when my anxiety level is high . my therapist is also an experienced registered nurse she knows a lot about medications . I would be lost without my therapist . I can call her when I'm in a crisis situation . spring2015
  3. I felt like an idiot on another chat site

  4. Hi everyone, im spring2015 . I been seeing my therapist for 10 going on 11 months on September 3 . Here is a list of coping skills that she taught me in counseling to use when my anxiety level is high. it might help anyone who has high anxiety. For high Anxiety 1) physical activity a. walking b. climbing steps 2) deep breathing 3) mindfulness box 4) guided imagery 5) progressive relaxation exercises 6) diversions 7) counteracting thoughts a.think positive 8) relaxation exercises 9) mindfulness 10) journaling 11) the STOP technique I hope these will anyone who has high anxiety like me . spring2015