Right upper quadrant pain, no gallbladder

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Hey all!  
does anyone else deal with right upper quadrant pain (ache, general discomfort) and not have a gallbladder?  I’ve had it off and on for over 10 years, and when I had my gallbladder checked out it just showed “sludge” no actual stones.  So they told me I could have it taken out if I chose to.  I did that back in 2012 but the pain still comes and goes.  It’s rarely an actual pain, although I do get a random sharp pain in the area. It’s usually just an ache-type feeling.  Since my gallbladder was gone I started to focus on my liver, but all of my labs and ultrasounds are always good.  Most recent being in April.  
I’m just curious if anyone else deals with this and has any idea what might cause it?  I’d definitely feel better knowing I’m not alone.  My mind continues to wander to things like colon cancer and bile duct cancer.  If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.  

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My cousin had his gallbladder removed and continues to have off and on pain like he had before his gallbladder was removed. He had some additional tests which were negative. The GI physician said some people get phantom pain after the gallbladder is removed and he is one of them. 

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