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Is this anxiety

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IM 25 YO male and obese

12 Days ago I had vibrating in my feet even when I was sitting or lying down they was constantly tingling on there own, That has gone but what has came now is when I put my feet on the floor its like ive out them in a vibrating floor and it goes all up my legs. but they dont tingle anymore when they are not on the floor

7 days ago I started getting tingling in my fingers on my right hand

5 days ago I started getting body tremors where it fills like my body is trembling all the time

The worse is my fingers and hand when sitting down using my laptop i slightly tremor in both hands, I pick something up it moves on its own,

2 days ago I started getting achy dead arm in the same right arm.

It feels like its all getting worse.

Some background I have had high blood pressure for 6 years on Ramipril 5mg one a day and lanzeoprazel.

For many years also ive had pain all over my body in joins like wrists foot ect. Achying pains come on suddenly and then go away.

I am extremely sensitive to pain all over my body, If you push down on my arms for example they throb for ages and are painfull

I Currently take 50000 Units of vitamin D as have a deficiency. Been on them for 5 weeks

At night when i try and sleep my heart feels like its pounding out my chest " its normal rate around 70-80BPM" I can hear it when I lie down on my side very loud.

I can feel my heart beat all over my body, So if I am holding my hand or finger I can feel a strong beat there, or if i out my foot on my leg I get it in my foot a strong pulse.

I had a Brain MRI yesterday as I was having headaches everyday for 2 months,

"Which now has gone"

Ive had several ECG done over pass months all normal.

I go tomorow for blood rests but expect them all to be normal.

My worry is that its to do with my heart or I have MS or Parkinson's.

Also feels like there is current running all through my body arm legs chest like there's something pounding around my body

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Welcome to the forum. The symptoms you describe could be attributed to anxiety and stress. Losing weight may make you feel better, because as you age, obesity can impact your health adversely. Your tests have all been negative which is good. I would try to practice relaxation techniques and see if that helps. L-Theanine and magnesium may help relax you. Talking with a mental health care professional about your symptoms and concerns may also help. 

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