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  1. IM 25 YO male and obese 12 Days ago I had vibrating in my feet even when I was sitting or lying down they was constantly tingling on there own, That has gone but what has came now is when I put my feet on the floor its like ive out them in a vibrating floor and it goes all up my legs. but they dont tingle anymore when they are not on the floor 7 days ago I started getting tingling in my fingers on my right hand 5 days ago I started getting body tremors where it fills like my body is trembling all the time The worse is my fingers and hand when sitting down using my laptop i slightly tremor in both hands, I pick something up it moves on its own, 2 days ago I started getting achy dead arm in the same right arm. It feels like its all getting worse. Some background I have had high blood pressure for 6 years on Ramipril 5mg one a day and lanzeoprazel. For many years also ive had pain all over my body in joins like wrists foot ect. Achying pains come on suddenly and then go away. I am extremely sensitive to pain all over my body, If you push down on my arms for example they throb for ages and are painfull I Currently take 50000 Units of vitamin D as have a deficiency. Been on them for 5 weeks At night when i try and sleep my heart feels like its pounding out my chest " its normal rate around 70-80BPM" I can hear it when I lie down on my side very loud. I can feel my heart beat all over my body, So if I am holding my hand or finger I can feel a strong beat there, or if i out my foot on my leg I get it in my foot a strong pulse. I had a Brain MRI yesterday as I was having headaches everyday for 2 months, "Which now has gone" Ive had several ECG done over pass months all normal. I go tomorow for blood rests but expect them all to be normal. My worry is that its to do with my heart or I have MS or Parkinson's. Also feels like there is current running all through my body arm legs chest like there's something pounding around my body