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Can Hemorrhoids Cause Minor Mucus/Stool Leakage?

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TL:DR: Can Hemorrhoids Cause Minor Mucus/Stool Leakage has not been a bowl of cherries lately. I won't bore you with all of the details, suffice it to say, my stress levels have been very high.

I have hemorrhoids. I have had them on and off for years. Decades really...they started young, they run in my family. I sit at work, I could lose some weight...

Anyhow, sometimes when they flare my butt hole (sorry TMI) itches.

I try to keep myself from getting constipated and I work hard to keep the hemmies at bay. I'm so good at that with the fiber and water that I go #2 every morning after I wake clockwork.

Well, yesterday I was severly stressed (long story) and I felt like I couldn't go. I didn't push it (pushing is never good for hemmies). Later that afternoon, I felt like I had to go, was going to go to the bathroom to take care of business...but then work got crazy and I couldn't get away and the feeling passed.

Last night before going to bed I went to the bathroom and realized that my butt was moist and there was like a small stain discharge on my underwear in the butt area. My skin all around was inflammed because either mucus or stool or both had leaked out. Long story longer, I went #2 (it hurt) and showered and realized I had a big 'ol hemmi. Sigh...

Anyhow, I looked up Anal discharge and mucus and know...evil doctor Google...

Please talk me down from the ledge.






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I believe mucus is more indicative of IBS. 

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