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This crap is never ending....

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Hi everyone....

I am going through a particularly trying time in my life and I cannot help but think that my anxiety surrounding everything is being subconsciously diverted into health anxiety...but I digress...

I had to begrudgingly make an appointment for a physical so that I could have my refills for my Effexor that I take for anxiety. The appointment was today. Last night I noticed that I had a tender bump next to my spine below my hairline and I shrugged it off as a swollen lymph node, probably because I scratched myself behind my ear or something....

This morning I woke up and while showering I noticed that my shoulder/neck area was slightly puffier on one side than the other...the same side that I have the swollen lymph node. I went to the doctor and showed her the lymph node and she said she wants to get an ultrasound of it. She assured me she is not worried but she likes to get ultrasounds on lymph nodes that aren't under the jaw unless there is a very obvious reason for it being swollen. She then felt where I thought it was puffy and she did not feel anything. I am soooo terrified I have lymphoma or something! Why would she order a test if she is not concerned. This seems contradictory to me.

I feel like I cannot catch a break from this health anxiety and it's driving me absolutely crazy. I was here a few weeks ago thinking I had ALS, then I was worried about ovarian cancer...and now this....

I have been poking at myself all day and logging in repeatedly to check my Patient Portal account to see if my blood work has been posted. Someone please talk me off this ledge!

Any advice or comforting thoughts would be so appreciated! 

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I had a swollen lymph node on my Parotid gland a number of years ago. My physician did an ultrasound of my neck to be on the safe side and it turned out to be nothing and it went away on its own. My friend had lymphoma and he had other symptoms besides the large lump on his neck. He felt generally not well, and was extremely tired. 

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