Anxiety over vitamin D3

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I have had a vitamin D3 deficiency for quite awhile now. This is a real health problem. I got taken off of my thyroid meds in August 2019 and got told to see a psychiatrist, psychiatrist told me my problems might be a D3 deficiency.  Switched doctors and I got tested in April 2020 by the new doctor and they told me my D3 was low (no surprise). However off of the thyroid pills every time I try to take any pills I get vertigo, even pills I was on for years just fine. I am scared to take vitamin D3 for this reason, vertigo and a weird reaction to a multivitamin drink I've drank before too with no problems. I don't want to feel vertigo, it's very unpleasant and causes me to feel like I'm on a boat or was just on a merry go round. I am scared something bad will happen if I take D3 and they keep telling me my thyroids "normal" even though I have symptoms of hypothyroidism. At the same time I know the bone pain and back pain/insomnia isn't healthy either. I get sunlight but can't do too much because I burn easily, sunlight an hour each day/D3 through diet has barley raised my numbers anyways. I know it's a long rambling thing but it's interfering with my life and causing a big uptick in my anxiety and depression. 

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I take 5000iu of vitamin d3 daily. It has helped my levels greatly and I have had no side effects. I dont get a lot of sun as I find I can't tolerate the heat well anymore and I had basal cell carcinoma around 11 years ago and my dermatologist told me to avoid too much sun.

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