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Please Help Me Reason This Out

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So a few months ago I noticed that the bottom area of my toenail was a darker pink...didn't think much of it, and then

I saw a splinter hemorage (you know those little blood spots that you get on your nails from time to time)...didn't think

that much of it either, other than I've been watching as it is slowly growing out...nice new nail growing from the bottom

However, then I noticed that that nice new nail growing from the bottom is not as thick as the nail grow up and out.

There's like a horizontal depression linking the two...but most definitely the one underneath...or at the bottom near the nail 

bed doesn't seem as think as the rest above.

Then I googled.

And of course with's not a good time to go to see the doctor.

I have no other similar ridges on any other finger or toe. Though I have ridgey nails overall...always have...nothing like this.

The logical part of me thinks that the splinter hemorrage is a clear indication of some kind of nail trauma and the indentation

"Beau's line" is further indication of nail trauma. I must have stubbed my toe or something. I don't remember much of consequence

except I think I bent my nail back in my shoe one or more days until I managed to cut my toe nail shorter...perhaps that caused all of this.

The HA part of me is turning to all of the heinous possibilities of what i could be (per Google) and freaking out.

It should be noted that I had a complete blood work in February and all was well.

Please help me.

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It's likely nothing bad 🙂 You're best bet is staying home and letting the nail finish growing out etc and going in once all this virus stuff is over with if it's painful etc to help the nail grow out. 

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It could be a shoe!  I had one nail (big toe) that did that and even had a white like area near the end. I showed my derm and he felt inside my flats and had me feel where that toe would fit. There was a marked indentation in one shoe that wasn't in the other.  It grew out funny then eventually looked fine.

My middle toe gets a synovial cyst at the base of the nail.  He takes a needle and drains it then puts in some cortisone. The nail is flat but almost indented.  He said it's like a ganglion cyst where the fluid between the joints leaks out.

The splinter hemorrhage was probably from the first damage to the nail.

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