My new book: OCD as Seen by the Soul

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Hello Dear Forum Members!


This is my first post here, I hope I’m not violating any rules. 


I've just published my first book and I think it could help many of you, too. The story is the following:


Last year when I spent a long time alone in nature, I opened my heart and I had very strong intuitive and inspirational thoughts about OCD. I quickly wrote these thoughts down. As I got more and more of these thoughts, I decided to formulate them into a little book. I originally intended to write this book just for myself, but then I realized it could be a tremendous help for others, too. So I actually published it a couple of days ago.


The title is "OCD as Seen by the Soul". You can find it on Amazon and Apple Books, too.





I’m really interested in your opinion, so I'd like to hand out 3 free copies. 


Just take a look at the preview of the book, and you'll see my email address there. Send me an email and tell me that you're coming from www.anxiety-central.com, and I'll send a free copy to three people, who are interested. (I don't know the forum rules, you can contact me in other ways, too.)


Please only respond if you are open-minded and you're longing for some soul-level encouragement, a soul-level support. In fact, the whole book is like an enthusiastic pep-talk from the first to the last letter.


Thank you so much!

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6 hours ago, davide.h said:

Congrats on being published. That's an amazing accomplishment! 

Thank you so much!

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