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Found 3 results

  1. The hand surgeon treating me for carpal tunnel syndrome had me get an MRI, which I did two days before Christmas. I haven’t heard from him since but I’ve been following up with my primary doctor and will be seeing a rheumatologist, so I wasn’t too concerned. If he didn’t reach out it couldn’t be too bad, right? Well yesterday I got the bill for my portion of the fee and went to the facility's website to pay it. Lo and behold, there were my results. I tried so hard but it got the best of me and I read them. Apparently my hand is riddled with tenosynovitis. I have a swollen median nerve, a perforation of either a tendon or a ligament, and a “small distal radioulnar joint effusion”. I’m not positive what that means, except that effusion means swelling. Joint swelling is a symptom of RA. I KNEW I shouldn’t have looked at them but I did. Add to the fact that my knuckles have been achier than usual and I feel like I’m going to throw up. I just wish I could trust my blood test ?
  2. Just wondering... Aside from symptoms I'm having..right now I'm worried about the contrast dye with an MRI I'm supposed to have. Actually, had to reschedule it yesterday because I wasn't aware I would have to 'pump and dump' for three days while breastfeeding. Was shocked about that. I'm worried enough about side effects and then they tell me I can't breastfeed. I have big issues with taking anything, I mean pills or injections. Feeling the effects of whatever it is is what scares me. Minor sensations to big side effects. If I can feel it in any way, I'm going to freak out. Knowing that it's bad enough for your body that they want you to dump your breast milk scares the crap out of me. Anyone else get freaked out like this? And if you've had the contrast.. have you felt it? How so? I'm freaking out enough as it is with the symptoms I'm having. (Scared of brain tumor....still.) Worrying about this is just too much for me right now. TIA
  3. Sorry to vent here again, but I am just super anxious about this test for some reason. I had an MRI Thursday morning very early, I was hoping to get results before the weekend, and they didn't come. Now I cannot get rid of the worry. In my head, I sort of assumed someone would look at it, see it was clear, pas it along, and I would be an easy call for the doctor. But I don't know that for sure. And now I am pretty nervous there is more to my MRI than I had expected. How long does it take to process through? Do they rush when it is bad? I was told I would get a call with the results, but for whatever reason, probably naivety, I had thought I would have it he next business day. Am I out of line worrying like this? I am used to fairly instant results from CT scans following my aortic aneurysm appointments. I have a scan immediately prior to my appointment with my surgeon, then they go over it with me. It is a follow up for pulsatile tinnitus in one ear.