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  1. It would be a good idea for you to see a doctor or a therapist. Meanwhile, few things you can do: focus on yourself. Working out, maintain your diet and take some necessary supplements.(i would suggest these supplements which helped me a lot.)
  2. I have one Fear of height. Don't know how to get rid of it. Any suggestion?
  3. Anxiety reduction is often about distraction, since your mind can be your worst enemy when you have severe anxiety symptoms. A very effective technique is to talk to someone you like and trust, especially on the phone. Don't be shy about your anxiety tell them you feel anxious and explain what you're feeling.
  4. I used my fitness pal for 130 days straight. Lost 25 pounds. That shit works. Keeps you thinking about your next meal. Also I used a Fitbit that was linked to the app to count the calories I burned throughout the day.