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  1. Hi Jonathan! Oh I'm not worried about what they'll find - just don't want to waste their time or risk having people find out. I'm hoping the tips and advice from people in similar situations will help with things 🙂 Yes, approaching the situation differently will always be a good start - as opposed to just letting it spiral out of control! Ah I never knew 'shufty' was Arabic. I wonder how it made its way to the North of England - I may have to swap my degree to Arabic! 😄 Hi Ironman! Luckily covid-19 had minimal impact on me - I still had to go to work through it all which I'm actually somewhat pleased about. Although I do miss my travels... I'll have to look into the 'thought retraining' and see if it's something I can take up and use. Many thanks all!
  2. Hi Aria! I did indeed - though as usual I ate a months worth in a day! 🐽 Hope you're enjoying yours too. Hard to explain really. It's really affecting work and uni at the moment. Worrying about everything and expecting to fail it all or be fired etc. Going into a mini meltdown which goes quite dark at times. I'd rather stay away from GP's etc, hoping I can find some useful tips on here and how to get it under some form of control. Ah I'll certainly try the Headspace app - (I shall ignore the 3am bit ahah) Thanks for the reply and tips though!
  3. Hey, I've never been diagnosed with anxiety or anything as I daren't go to the GP about it. But I can honestly say I am a very anxious person. It's gradually getting worse to the point it is affecting my social life, work life and my university studies. I figured I'd have a shufty at this site just to get to know how others have dealt with their anxiety and to prove to myself it's a normal feeling. Sorry if this isn't the correct style introduction - figured I'd just jump straight in. Hope you're all well. ThreeCs