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  1. I think that's a great idea, specialist care is important GP's are for general heath and anything else needs to be referred on to someone who knows exactly what they're talking about. Best of luck. Feel free to drop me a message if you ever need support or someone to chat to.
  2. Hey JaneGrey, Thanks for sharing.. I can relate to having tried different medications over the years and experiencing some horrible side effects and I'm sorry this has been your experience too. Some of what you're going through sounds really tough. I know for me personally it has been a trial and error type scenario to finding the right medication.... which took time (im still not there yet) . However my suggestion would be to not give up work alongside your doctor and eventually you should find the right medication for you to help make things more manageable. I find exercise and hydration really helps just on the general day to day basis with any form of mental health issue. As for the do i really need meds part.. you know yourself better than anyone I'd encourage you to keep moving forward and not give up... its a question only you can answer and if you choose to continue on the path of meds i would suggest speaking to your doctor about finding medication that can be more than just a one off script. All the best, LX
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a 27 year old Male who lives in New Zealand. So i'll just tell you all about my situation and im hoping to get some form of advice on what the next best step is? i'm writing this after waking up feeling really overwhelmed. I have been sexually assaulted in my childhood, teenage and adult years I have been an Addict all my life. I have done treatment (rehab) for my drug addiction and after a brief relapse i am currently 4 and a half months clean from drugs and alcohol. I am a regular attendee at Narcotics Anonymous here in New Zealand. Being an Addict and also having PTSD means I have what's called a duel diagnosis. I am engaged with a Drug and Alcohol counselor weekly and I find him really good to talk to. Part of my PTSD/Addiction is feeling super alone even though I live in a house full of people and am often around quite a few people (I live in a support house for addiction at the moment) I am engaged with the local Mental Health Team... I think the next step for me is to engage with a Trauma counselor.. however im finding it difficult to find one that will return my call due to the covid19 thing everything seems to have come to halt. (understandably)... so i find myself here hoping to hear from some like minded individuals? I am on medication for the post traumatic stress disorder however I have had to lower the dosages because I have to take pain medication for my elbow which im waiting to have surgery on..which means im stuck between a rock and a hard place because im unable to change up my medications due to interactions etc etc... I've recently started having a really busy head again sometimes and finding myself less engaged than i usually am. I have also started getting flashbacks again...and find that my anxiety is through the roof sometimes.. lots of negative self talk going on when this starts happening.... and im just not quite sure what to do about the whole situation. Although I am very safe where im living and can talk to my counselor about anything I think i need to find ways to get through this or on top of it once and for all.... if thats even possible... im rambling now. Any posts would be greatly appreciated Thanks, LX