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  1. Thank you so much! Now the challenge will be figuring out insurance and making an appointment during this Covid outbreak...we're in a hot spot...but hopefully I can manage something soon!
  2. I was just talking with my husband about this! I'm avoiding the gym because of Covid...pretty lackluster at-home exercise. I'm going to try to be more disciplined. My husband is encouraging me to meet with a psychiatrist for a definitive diagnosis (autism has also been tossed around as a possible component)...someone who might have more experience in this area than my GP and be able to prescribe anything that I might need. I think I'm going to try to get something set up soon!
  3. Hello! I would love to get some advice. When I was ages 8 - 16, I had horrible anxiety stomachaches and nausea (doctor prescribed Zantac). In my 20s, I would get migraines...only nausea when I traveled. I went to a therapist about 5 years ago who diagnosed anxiety/GAD. I consider myself a happy and upbeat person, but I struggle with feeling restless, feeling "sped up" all the time, easily overwhelmed. I've had a binge eating issue since elementary school so the 'sped up' feeling frequently manifests in binges. It's especially bad during PMS time, when I feel so 'sped up' and jittery that I can't sleep and am constantly eating. My weight has yo-yo'd by 100 pounds multiple times since elementary school and I'm over it. I feel like my sped-up brain is hamstringing my efforts toward a healthy weight. I finally went to my doctor, who prescribed Prozac. I had a terrible reaction to it (swelling joints for 6 weeks). Then she prescribed Phentermine, which is perfect - it makes me feel calm and in control. But it's only a 3 month Rx and she can't renew (says that it's bad for blood pressure). She has just prescribed Effexor, but I've read horror stories about it, and after my miserable Prozac reaction, I'm really anxious - ha! - about taking it. Any thoughts? Any coping mechanisms for that "sped up" feeling? Or do I really need to resign myself to meds? Thanks so much!