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  1. Simply posting tips such as "eat better food", "take the correct supplements", "educate yourself on stoicism", etc is only of marginal benefit . Everyone can find that out just by googling. I believe that the hardest part is the actual implementation of the routine that will gradually help you recover from Anxiety. At least that's my experience with it. That's why I want to do online coaching sessions. However, I also agree with you that my post may sound fishy. I'm willing to make it more credible but I simply don't know how since I'm not a professional... I can provide my name, country of origin, facebook profile, instagram profile, etc but would this really make a difference in your perception of me? I'm looking for any input on how I can prove you that my post is not a scam and I actually do want to help people.
  2. Hey, I'm sorry that this might sound a bit rude but saying that my post is a scam is very disrespectful. How can I actually help people without posting that I would like to?
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    Hello everyone. Hope you are doing great today!
  4. Hello people! Being someone who struggled with Anxiety and made considerable progress in recovery, I have decided to try and help other people dealing with the same(or similar) issue. My idea is to motivate people to consistently take action in the right direction. This might be: eating better food, exercising, practicing mindfulness, etc.. I would like to achieve that by hosting a couple of online meetings or simply by text. An important note is that I'm neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. However, i have dealt with Anxiety and I know the struggle.The prime focus during the online meetings will be on what were the things that truly helped me manage and gradually recover from it. With the hopes that these things will also help you. If you are interested, reply in this thread or just send me a DM:))