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  1. I am severely agoraphobic and it's getting worse. I was hoping to find people on here that I could chat with that are going through the same thing. I am Bi Polar 1 so I cannot take the usual prescribed SSRIs. My doctor has tried everything on the medicine front...I also suffer from ADHD and PTSD. Getting therapy has been a challenge to say the least. I mean finding someone good, getting out of the house and costs that I cannot afford. I am on disability and have not worked in 6 years because of all of my mental health issues. But this agoraphobia is taking my life, literally. I am so tired of being in fear, just exhausted and I live alone. My friends have basically walked away from me and I guess I don't blame them. Truth is, I have the social anxiety so bad that I fear talking to them anyway. I just need a few online friends that I can chat with so I don't feel so alone.....This is my first time writing and will add more later, right now I am tired from writing just this much. Thank you to whomever reads this.