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  1. So a quick update on my situation. I'm still waiting on my second CT scan (first was just abdomen and not pelvic, so they couldn't quite get 100% clear imagery on my appendix). I'm currently on a high dose antibiotic to keep what they feel is a very mild case of appendicitis (my appendix is about 11cm the best they can guess based on the imagery. Since this all started about a month ago, I've noticed my bowels are off. Most of the time, they are quite loose, and occasionally close to diarrhea (sorry about the TMI). I'm burping way more than usual and I get bouts of gas along with some cramping. My right abdomen is usually the area that feels bloated (but it comes and goes), but no knife like pains, just fullness. My blood work was normal (including normal WBC which I feel would rule out an appendicitis). I've lost a little weight but that could be due to my diet, but it could also be cancer. I just feel like nothing is adding up here. The surgeon and my GP don't want to rush surgery until the antibiotics run their course, but at the same time, I don't have 100% inconclusive evidence that it's appendicitis and not cancer. Are there other signs I should be looking out for?
  2. Well the only good news on that front is two surgeons looked over the reports and both shared the same sentiment.
  3. Met with the surgeon today. He stated that I am an odd presentation. He said that with how long I have had it and will no severity like true acute appendicitis, he wants to treat it with antibiotics first to calm it down, and then remove it. My main concern however, is that it's not very enlarged on the CT scan, and the CT scan did not include the pelvis, so he couldn't get a good look at it and I guess the lower bowel. So now I'm worried that maybe this is cancer. The surgeon really didn't seem to think so, but my blood work was all normal (including white count which would indicate an infection). I'm spiraling a bit.
  4. Sub acute appendicitis. Meet with the surgeon tomorrow.
  5. Thing that is odd is that I can stand around and not feel much discomfort, but once I press in that area, it's sore for a while. I also still have reflux like symptoms elsewhere (burping more than usual after drinking, gas moving around, etc).
  6. They haven't gotten back to me yet. I'm.100% positive it's not anxiety as I actually went to the doctor thinking it was gastritis. Once he pressed on that spot and I felt that, I got concerned.
  7. So starting a about 10 days or so ago, I started having what felt was like gastritis/reflux. It was off an on. Then I started noticing I was getting a burning/gnawing feeling in my right side abdomen. Then I noticed that raising my right knee to my chest made the pain worse (mostly lower right). My doctor saw me yesterday and after examining the area (it was tender), he's ordering a CT scan. He's not real sure. He said there's not much down there but bowel and appendix. I don't have many other red flags, but I can't help but think it's not appendicitis since I'm not doubling over in pain, and it can wax and wane a little, but something is wrong. I burp a lot lately which is probably reflux but unrelated to that area. I don't have much of an appetite the past day or so, but that's not the case during this whole phase. I ate like 6 pieces of french toast the other night for dinner. I lost a little weight, but I also started intermittent fasting right around the time this started. It seems like the tenderness was worse after the doctor was poking and proding. That leads me to cancer. That in itself is bad, but then I Google it and I see the ascending colon cancers have a much lower survival rates as well. I'm a mess right now. I have two young boys and a wife, and I can't go yet!
  8. Thought I would update this. I was officially diagnosed with a herniated disc at L5/S1. I'm making progress. Walking is 95% pain free, sitting is a bit better, getting up from sitting, etc. I can still trigger pain with certain movements. But hopefully I make a a full recovery.
  9. This is me lately as well. My back injury spurred it 4 weeks ago and I've been a train wreck ever since.
  10. Thanks. There's just a lot of what-ifs going through my head and I have no idea how to handle it. I'm uncomfortable most of the time, I can't focus on my job, my kids, or my wife. It sucks.
  11. So I'm starting to accept the fact that messed up my back this time. Three weeks ago after doing heavy work on the weekend, my back locked up on me and I spent four days at home basically lying around trying to get comfortable. Since then, I have seen some improvement in my ability to walk with discomfort but not excruciating pain (getting out of a vehicle makes me pretty stiff for a few minutes). But I still have a lot of discomfort if I move wrong or cough, etc. I'm losing a lot flexibility. Putting socks on is even a challenge. I have been seeing a chiropractor for a few weeks which I'm not sure is helping, but I start PT next week. I have hurt my back before, but I always recover in a few days. I joined a herniated disc support group on Facebook and that was an even worse idea. Everyone one there is chronically in pain and non functional. Their lives are admittedly ruined now and most say that there is no Tru recover from this. My mind is racing now. As an active 37 year old and a father of two little boys who want dad to play again and pick them up, I keep spiraling thinking what if I never get to do those things again? I'm tearing up as I'm typing this as they are my whole world and this can't be the end for me. I have so much more to do. What should I do? Anyone have herniation success stories? Is this really possibly the end of my active life?
  12. So today and a few days ago, my hand locked up in a cramp when grabbing something. It quickly released , but it freaked me out. I also noticed my feet cramp easily when curled in the right way. Most likely vitamin deficiency, but it worries me still. Can that be ALS?
  13. Just checking back. The disc is improving. Still uncomfortable, but able to walk and do basic things without excruciating pain. Getting more tiny twitches in both feet and thighs. Feel it mostly when lying down or sitting. I'm hoping it's still related to the back injury.
  14. Thanks. I didn't think there would be a connection between the two. Especially since some of the muscles affected are way above the lumbar region.
  15. So I have had chronic lower back problems. This past weekend I hurt my back worse than I ever have and have been off work most of the week. It's believed to be a lumbar disc issue. Before this happened (about a week prior) I noticed when lying in bed I would have the occasional twitch in random spots. Sometimes it was a finger, sometimes my hand, sometimes my foot, etc. I've noticed this happening with more frequency since my injury, but nothing online says they are connected. I did read that some ALS patients present with lower back pain as an initial symptom, so now I'm super worried. This morning, I woke up at 5 and as I tried to fall asleep, I kept getting what felt like hypotonic twitches. One on my ride side (right pectoral and shoulder and once on my left). Now I'm super anxious about what is going on.
  16. No stretching. I went to the doctor today. They don't think it's muscle as they can't locate a tender spot. Thinking it might be spine related. Had an X-ray, but still waiting nervously on the results.
  17. Going to see the doctor today. I actually was functioning pretty well yesterday. I unloaded to trailers of mulch, chased the boys around (although I could feel some tenderness when we were playing soccer in the yard). Went to bed and felt pretty good. Got a full nights sleep, but woke up this morning in pain again. Got up and moving around (soaked in the hot tub) and it's a little better. Oddly enough, the pain feels like it's on the other side of my spine more so today. It's always in the center-ish, but most days it feels more sore on my right side. This morning it's on my left.
  18. So about 3-4 weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with pain and soreness that felt like a pulled muscle right between my shoulder blades. It was way worse lying on my side and it got to the point I had to get up and take some ibuprofen. It helped a little and I got some sleep, but it bothered me for almost a week and was always worse at night. Then it went away. Sunday night, I was awoken again with the same pain, and it's a little worse than last time. It doesn't really seem to respond to Ibuprofen as well as Tylenol. There's not lumps, or tender spots, but it just feels like a really bad strain. However, I also woke up last night all sweaty, and I've just felt "off" since this started a few days ago. Typing this out sounds like a routine muscle strain, but the fact that pain meds don't help much, and it's way worse lying down has me wondering if it might be a tumor somewhere. I'm trying to talk myself off the ledge so to speak, but it's not improving 3.5 days later.
  19. So the symptoms must overlap enough that they wanted you scoped. It makes me very worried with the constant gas I have that it's something else.
  20. So for the past two weeks, I have had pretty uncomfortable/irritating itching in my normal region you get hemorrhoids. It hasn't gotten better, and then itchiness comes and goes. Usually worse in the morning and after going to the bathroom. No blood. I can feel the lump if I try but it seems to be internal. Now, normally I wouldn't worry, but the fact that I also have had terrible for weeks after eating, and a noticeable change in bowel habits (very loose), I'm concerned about colorectal cancer. Thoughts?
  21. Thanks. That does make me feel a little better. Quick question. Can lower back pain transit to the groin/testicle area?
  22. So I've been fighting some off and on gastric issues along with a what felt like hernia (turns out it isn't). Just in the last few weeks I can feel very tiny bumps (I think 2-3), two on the right sight, one just above the pelvic region, one a little higher, and one across on the left side. You really have to feel for them, but they're there, and they're a little sore. The fact there are more than one, really has me worried this truly is cancer now. Has anyone had a similar experience? My GP couldn't feel them, and my wife can kind of, but not really, so they're pretty subtle.