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  1. anyone else here have weakness in limbs any point in time? If not shouldn’t be worried about ALS
  2. I’m the dame rabbit hole, left hand feels tingly & weak for 3 weeks and now left foot same feeling. Can still do everything normal I just feel off, the anxiety doesn’t help but I don’t know what’s what at this point. Left arm just gets tired. Twitching started in left side but now everywhere mostly still left. Praying for you and that my neurologist says everything’s all good. All I know is even if we do have worst case scenario we should be living our best life in the good years we have left. Go grab a beer, watch a funny movie with your family, if it’s as bad as our anxiety tells us hell we only have a couple years left. Fuck it
  3. Cuban you shouldn’t be fearing ALS if you’re having tingling. If anything get tested for MS as ALS doesn’t affect sensory nerves
  4. Who knows brother, my left leg and hand have felt weak for weeks. I twitch - my anxiety tells me I’m 100% MS but who knows man. I’m 21 and deep in the hole as well. Stay ipup
  5. I appreciate you as I have an appointment with my GP today. I’ll just tell him about HA & everything feeling tired. If I get reassurance I will totally be ok as I know ALS rarely gets by a doctor let alone a neurologist. I also figured that it might be a RSI issue in wrist as they can present those symptoms for weeks and months - I did used to lean on it when on my computer/sitting in class - as well as I went through a heavy video game phase - I know all of this makes me sound stupid as it looks obvious to be because of these activities but I played college baseball as a catcher and always had injures/aches - just never felt one like this one & I guess that’s whats caused my HA to flare up in this case. Just a bad coincidence I suppose.
  6. So you’re positive that ALS wouldn’t cause a tingling/shock/tickle like sensation? I just figured if it was a pinched nerve that it would go away or come back doing certain things. But it doesn’t & does not hurt maybe rarely it does. If there was pain I would not be concerned at all. The sensations mainly occur when I grip things hard or relax my hand completely, the same sensations have gone to my ankles and calves just recently. If it can’t be ALS then I wouldn’t even be concerned
  7. & I’m dang near the bottom of that pit right now. Hand strength just feels week & wobbly compared to right. So scared - only 21 - if you have a family cherish it & love them while you can. I’m terrified I might not even be able to have one with my girlfriend - even that just seeing my parents deal with something like that. I’m reaching out to ANYONE who’s has similar symptoms in one limb as well as twitches. The twitches have gotten a tad better through the past couple weeks. Just terrified.
  8. Hell if I know brother. I am 21 and have had a weak left hand for 3 weeks. Your symptoms are all over the place, you’re fine. You were blessed and have a family man, use your energy on them - you have no symptoms.
  9. What all symptoms did you have? I have very similar, my wrist is stiff though as well. Is that a symptom of ALS?
  10. Burning is not a symptom. No sensory feelings is a symptom. Especially if it’s only happening periodically. Mine is all the time
  11. Dude you have 0 symptoms to be worried about. My left hand/arm is weak and gets tired/tingles in the hand. I should be concerned - not you
  12. That is what I thought too but there is no pain - that’s why I am concerned - I lean on my left wrist a lot and sleep on a lot of pillows but there is no pain ever. Just tingling & weakness. I’m scared
  13. Doxie, I am a 21 y/o male in my senior year of college. This is my first time noticing physical symptoms of “anxiety”. My left hand/arm feels/is weaker and the twitching started in my fingers about 3 weeks ago or so. Then after an ALS freakout they spread to my toes/shoulders/feet. I assumed this was from anxiety but my left wrist feels stiff mainly in the morning. There’s also a “tingling/buzzing/shock that I can feel when I spread my hand out. I am just concerned that the other twitches are from anxiety but that my left hand is from some sort of MND. I know you see this a lot, but how can I be sure it’s ALL anxiety?
  14. Hello, I am a 21 y/o male and am on the same exact 3 week timeline as you. This is one of my first times really experiencing the symptoms of anxiety physically and I am also scared - even though I have been told many times it’s not ALS, PD, or MS I always second guess. My left hand feels weaker and “vibrates”/tingles/shock wave feelings when I extend my fingers. They also twitch, mainly my pinky but twitching has spread into my feet/toes & other fingers in left hand. For about 3 weeks - month now. My calf’s also feel like I worked out sometimes. Not sure if these are all symptoms of anxiety but any help would be appreciated. You’re not alone.
  15. That’s awesome! Happy to are getting reassurance. Did she say anything about anxiety causing symptoms? Like the twitching or weakness?