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  1. Yessssss!! I’m on month two!! Did yours go away ?
  2. Hi guys I have been having g a stinging burning skin sensation. Mainly stays in my arms but can move to my legs backs and so on. It never just goes away. I’m on 2 months now. All test come back normal. I have had so much stress and anxiety this year idk if it caught up. Who has had this ? How did you get it to go away? And what helped. I have 3 small kids that need me and this is literally killing me and setting me back so much. 😕 desperate for help
  3. Hi how did you get it to go away. I have it and am becoming very depressed and sad over it im a young mom of 3 small children
  4. Hi guys for 2 months now I been having the burning stinging skin sensations. All test are normal doctor said stress and anxiety. But mine has yet to go away. Usually stays in both my arms but will jump to my thighs back and so on. Never just gone. How did you all get it to go away ???? I need help please :(