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  1. The type of twitching you are worried about is a very specific kind caused by the disconnect between the lower motor neurons (neurons in the spine) and the muscle. By the time this type of twitching happens, the connection is already seriously damaged/non-existent and the EMG can not miss it. That specific type of damage is frequently picked up on during emg exams before there are noticeable issues. You simply can not get it "too soon". If the emg does not detect an issue, the twitching is caused by something else that is NOT what you fear. A reminder that the vast majority of people in the world twitch. The trouble for the people worried about it here is that they notice it more, focus on it more and assign a sinister reason for an entirely normal thing that happens to everyone. Anxiety amplifies twitching, which is just such a bummer of a response to a thing already causing anxiety!
  2. I've had tinnitus since I was a small child and learned to just live with it- in fact, I had no idea that some people didn't have ringing in their ears til I was much older and heard the term "tinnitus". It's just one of those things that some people get, but I understand the constant sound can drive some folk nuts! There are quite a few youtube vids that play tones and background sounds that have provided me INSTANT relief. I have no idea the science behind it, they just work for me! Just search "tinnitus sound therapy" and a few will come up. I had no idea I had also been experiencing a sense of pressure along with the tinnitus til I listened to one of these clips and it disappeared. I know I sound like a maniac or someone selling something, but these things work for me. When I'm tired, the ringing in my ears becomes harder to ignore, so I keep this method in my back pocket.