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  1. I've had tinnitus since I was a small child and learned to just live with it- in fact, I had no idea that some people didn't have ringing in their ears til I was much older and heard the term "tinnitus". It's just one of those things that some people get, but I understand the constant sound can drive some folk nuts! There are quite a few youtube vids that play tones and background sounds that have provided me INSTANT relief. I have no idea the science behind it, they just work for me! Just search "tinnitus sound therapy" and a few will come up. I had no idea I had also been experiencing a sense of pressure along with the tinnitus til I listened to one of these clips and it disappeared. I know I sound like a maniac or someone selling something, but these things work for me. When I'm tired, the ringing in my ears becomes harder to ignore, so I keep this method in my back pocket.