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  1. it came out a couple of hours ago - and it looks like it had just been sitting there. gums look great, nothing in the "hole" and the tooth came completely out, so i think i am in the clear.
  2. i never put above that my dentist allowed for anything to happen for years. it has been years since i have been to the dentist. he wouldn't need to pull it, i could sneeze and the thing would fall out.
  3. thank you - i am terrified of it coming out in my sleep and me choking on it!
  4. i have had a loose tooth for years - it broke in two and became incredibly loose over time. it has now gotten to the point where it is almost out - probably will be out the next day or so. there is no infection, doesn't hurt [the thing has been dead for some time] and i am scared to death that once it comes out, i will have an infection and it will spread. if the tooth is dead, will it cause an infection? the tooth is ALLLLL the way in the far back, so nobody ever notices [i actually get complimented on my teeth all the time] and it's dark grey and like i said, has been for years. i am sweating and panicking over here and figured i could get some ease of mind from you fine folks.
  5. ugh wish mine would come to a head!!!
  6. i have one and it's been there for four days. it hurts really bad and i keep putting heat on it as well as cold off and on, and nothing. this thing is huge but has no "head" so to speak, so it isnt bursting. it's also hard and probably the length of my pinky finger. someone just tell me i will be okay. this is not pleasant
  7. Annnnnnnnnd, I got my period.
  8. I have lost a little but of weight, but nothing terrible. About 20 pounds in four months.
  9. you're concerned you have ovarian cancer because your bowels are narrow? trying to understand what you're going through, not asking to be rude
  10. i know this question is going to sound dumb/silly - but i am wondering if your period changes once you've hit a certain age. i am 35 years old and i used to get my period every 45-55 days and now i am sitting at close to 100 days since my last period. it's weird too, because i have a few tell tale symptoms for when my period is going to start, and there have been two times since my last period since i have gotten those symptoms. almost as if i had all the tell tale symptoms but no period. [symptoms include: migraine the night before, soft stool all day the day before/of period, tender breasts and extreme appetite] there is no possible way i can be pregnant, as i am not sexually active and have not been for close to a year's time now. i have never had kids, no kids, no medications, nothing. figured i would ask here before i google and freak myself out.
  11. yes ma'am. once i went without one for nine months or so. other than that, i have one around every 45-60 days. this time it states i am 21 days late.
  12. does anyone else ever get all the period symptoms but not have a period? i have not had a period in well over three months now and i hate how my health anxiety is handling it right now. backstory: i am 35 years old and not sexually active, nor have i been for some time. i am terrified of medications, so no meds or birth control for me, either. fairly healthy. i could stand to lose 20 pounds, but who doesn't? anyway, it has me worried. my period is normally every 45-60 days and so far i am three weeks late. last night i had a horrible migraine and my breasts have been sore for the past week. these are all tell tail signs that my period is coming the next day [when a migraine presents itself the night before] and also.....the poops. anyone?
  13. you can get the boob thing before AND after your periods as well - TOTALLY normal girlfriend!