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  1. I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes. I wasn't hit with extreme hunger. But I had EXTREME thirst. I couldn't get enough to drink. I was drinking entire half gallons of orange juice like they were nothing. 2 liters of drinks. countless bottles of water. My mouth was so dry that my tongue was cracked and felt raw. EXTREME urination. I couldn't go more than 30 mins without having to urinate. And I'm not talking about just the sensation of having to urinate. I'm talking about "get to the bathroom now or I'm peeing on myself" it was always a full bladder too. My vision was also extremely blurry. I had to wear glasses for a while until I got my numbers under control. It is different for everyone, this was just my experience. I don't think that your symptoms are related to diabetes or pancreatic cancer. My doctor explained that the symptoms were sudden but I had probably had diabetes for 2 years or so.
  2. I got off of it because I was always groggy and it everything seemed kind of dull. I worked as far as my anxiety. As a matter of fact it was the best medicine I have ever taken because for anxiety. I am having no withdrawal symptoms any more. But my anxiety was through the roof. I wish I could find a way to manage my anxiety without meds. As for my original post, actually those symptoms had nothing to do with the Lexapro. I am actually a diabetic. I found out not too long after posting that.
  3. Thank you guys, well her congestion cleared up a week ago. A couple times she was trying to cough up flem and would gag herself and cause herself to .throw up. That is much better now. No congestion or deep cough. But she still has kind of a nagging wet cough that I really only hear in the afternoon. My wife isn't worried at all and says it's just fall allergies but it still freaks me out. No other symptoms, she had a runny nose when she had the congestion. Shes happy and playing like normal. It just worries me that it's been about 2 months and shes constantly had some type of cough. It seemed to go away for a couple of days. But came back. This is her first year of kindergarten, shes around a lot more kids. She was in preschool last year but it was a very small class and they only went 3 days a week for 4 hrs a day. Idk if this would contribute to it.
  4. Thank you. She doesn't have fever and is playing and happy. Just cough and congestion for a few weeks now.
  5. Hi guys, My 5 yr old has had a cough and congestion for probably 4 weeks now. Shes been to the dr and she says its allergies. We are giving her mucinex and fixing to try some allergy meds 9f some sort. Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues with one of their kids. It's kind of freaking me out.
  6. Actually, come to find out I have diabetes. The sore spots on my tongue were due to my dry mouth caused by my diabetes.
  7. Hello everyone, I am kinda freaking out about a sore spot in my tongue. It kinda feels like a "lie bubble" but I cant see it I can only feel it. But it's been that way for almost a week. The area is very small just like a lie bubble. But they usually go away after a couple days and this one is still here after a week. Anyone have any similar experiences. I could sure use some encouragement I'm really freaked out.
  8. Hey everyone. It's been a while since I posted. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar withdrawals to me coming off lexapro. I weaned off of it. I took a half of a pill for a month, a quarter of a pill for a month then an 8th every other day before stopping. My brainzaps haven't been bad and ill a little up and down on emotions which is to be expected. But I'm also having frequent urination, constantly thirsty, losing weight. And my vision is a little blurry for a few hours after I wake up. These things are kinda freaking me out. Has anyone had similar experiences coming off lexapro ot ssri?
  9. Thanks for the input. Can anyone give any advice on the best way to switch. My dr. Told me to take the Prozac and the celexa for a week but I'm kinda scared to.
  10. Ok, so I went to my DR. and he is switching Mr from celexa to Prozac. Can anyone out there let me know if they have taken this, how it worked out for you.
  11. Do you know how the meds differ from each other? Like what I'll get with one med versus what I wouldn't with another?
  12. I'm going to talk to my Dr. about it. I'm just scared of withdrawal symptoms when switching. I know they can be rough. Thank u all for the input.
  13. Hey guys! I have been on celexa (citalopram) for a few years now (40mg). It really doesn't seem to be working very good. I want to go to my Dr. About switching but I'm afraid that I'll have to go through the withdrawal symptoms when changing Also does anyone know how paxil, lexapro, cymbalta or any other meds would be different. Just looking for a little input from anyone who had changed meds. For a time the celexa worked ok but doesn't seem to be anymore.
  14. Hi sailor! This is a great post! One thing that I read goes right along with what you're saying. Do the things you would normally do. Don't let anxiety stop you. One thing I tend to do is try to wait until I feel better or not worrying about something before I will do something that I want or need to do. Well that day might never come! I have to make myself accept the fact that I'm having anxiety but I'm still going to live my life. It's not always so easy but when i am able to do it I have a great feeling of accomplishment. Yeah I was worried all day but I was still a good dad or a good husband or good employee (maybe less than terrible employee ?) I think this kind of ties in with what your saying. It's a really great post and thank you for sharing it with us.
  15. I think you may be right about behavioural addiction. A lot of times I feel like I HAVE to worry about something. If I feel myself relaxing this little voice inside my head goes off saying "you can't relax, you have to worry." I think its much like an addict. I used to drink a lot to help with my anxiety (never do that, 4 yrs sober now). I remember thinking to myself "I can't be happy without alcohol, I can't get through the day without drinking"