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  1. Hi Scardey, I probably won't be much help but have a couple of opinions for ya. It's hard, I know, but trust your doc they wouldn't let you go untreated if they thought it was serious. Stop searching online, also hard to do, I know. But the opinions online are from non medical professionals, usually and people interpreting or self diagnosing. As for the pulse oxomiter, I have one, it's my "safety net". However, it can give a bad reading now and then and that puts me into full panic. I would highly recommend AGAINST using one on a plane, as the altitude or pressure could cause it to misread...but even if it didn't misread you don't want to check it on a plane and see it at say 95% and start freaking out and having a panic attack on the plane. I'd suggest getting some Xanax or Ativan for the plane ride, that should help. Hope this helps some.
  2. I have had boughts of PVCs, previously checked with Cardio doc and same story as the rest of us, benign. I take beta blocker to help prevent them. I haven't had a run of them in a while, but for the last three weeks it's been constant everyday with some boughts of 5 minutes of every few beats. Those of you that get them know how annoying this is. I have been good about telling myself they're benign, but...I have been getting a feeling that is like when you stand up to quick...a rush of blood to the band around my head. That feeling will stay with me for hours even if the PVCs aren't present, but seems to only appear once PVCs start for the day. Anyone else have that? Is it heighten alertness on my part or could it be making me light headed? Checked blood pressure and it's fine, not too low when this occurs.
  3. Thanks, yes I did do therapy for two years (CBT) and had a great Dr. he retired and all the others I have tried have not been helpful. The good ones all have waiting lists, so frustrating.
  4. I too have had similar, mine are middle of chest both sides and on my left side. I used to think it was my heart, but I think it is my stomach. Its very similar to how you explained it, like 3-4 flutters/flip flops. I have PVCs and other palps but this is different and located all over the place. I had a heart monitor on once and when it happened there was nothing that registered (that time was center right of chest) so pretty sure its stomach and not heart arota related for me anyway. Hope that helps.
  5. Hi All, I think I'm to the point where I've accepted I'll need to try meds to ease the HA. It's affecting my life and family's life to drastically. I do have a phobia to meds, so this will be a battle in and of it's self. My question to the group is what has worked for you specifically around HA? My HA is around heart attacks and blood clots not cancer or anything else, just more immediate death. Thanks
  6. I'm right there with you, I have heart HA. I have been having the same symptoms recently (arm tingles, back/shoulder pain etc. it re-sparked my heart HA. Now every arm or jaw pain is related to heart (in my head). Actually had a stress test a couple days ago (looked great) and now I have freedom from the anxiety and should have a good year or so before I start to wonder. You'll be fine...I'm probably my cardiologists healthiest patient, lol.
  7. HI all, I have been a way for a while, which has been good! Dealing with the HA pretty well. Until today. I got a crap in my calf and some pain, I then looked at it and it looked big, I compared both legs and measured and asked my wife, all confirmed one is larger than the other. Should I go to the ER for a leg scan for a DVT? Any suggestions?
  8. My wife has them and every time she coughs. Dr said it was the body's way of helping getting them to stop.
  9. I too have pvcs, they are the worse! I take a low dose beta blocker (even though I didn't want too) it works. I can take them like aspirin, when symptoms are present instead of everyday. I know they are benign but they suck! You'll be fine, I would also try camomile tea, it is relaxing and allowed me to calm down and the pvcs would taper off.
  10. Thanks, kinda does feel like vibrations for a few seconds and then stops, may come back. I was able to check my pulse when it happened and didn't fell a variation in the pulse, so I'm hoping it is just gas/GERD related.
  11. Thanks. Calmed down some. Think it's stomach or muscle twitches. Freaking scared me though.
  12. I'm having these fast flutters, not palps, not 100% it is heart. I can't feel the flutters in pulse, but thinking it is mitral valve related?? Could it just be high in the stomach flutters? Left side of chest near ribs, and under left breast.
  13. I'd say if your cardiologist didn't have an issue your fine, I found a snippet below that said depending how its calculated .45 would be the higher end of the range; and your only slightly higher than that. Athletes tend to have more thickness too, you run a lot so I'd say your probably just healthy. Take your findings to your next doctor appointment and ask them their opinion. It's not an urgent medical issue and your going to be fine!! The reference cut point value for increased relative wall thickness derived from upper limits of normal samples is usually 0.44 [43] or 0.45 [42], irrespective of which formula is used.
  14. I want to say I'm super proud that you took the plunge and started taking the Rx!! What is the name of your beta blocker again? My doc gave me the lowest and it worked for me, he did say I could take more if needed up to 2 a day. I'm wondering based on your situation if a higher dose would be beneficial. It's worth a talk with your doctor. DO you have a iWatch or FitBit that can track your rate when your not thinking about it? The iWatch is really cool and allowed me to see my HR while I slept and every 5 minutes during the day, it did help me realize most of the time my HR is normal.
  15. Hellow Five, welcome! I'm failry new myself, but this site has been a GREAT help!