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  1. Hang in there! My world has been turned upside down too. It can be disorienting but I try to focus on one problem/situation at a time. But even but even through your down moods I can see the positivity shine through so let the positive thoughts & attitude be the light that you follow!
  2. I have gone through a lot in the last year, I moved out of my parents, my boyfriend was laid off went to school & changed careers, I was laid off, & my mom passed away. With losing my job I lost my medication & therapy. Recently I went to an interview after not working since November & the passing of my mom. For whatever reason I loved the lady I interviewed with because she said "I'd hire you right now" and sure enough HR offered me a job on the spot. I called my recruiter & accepted, I immediately had regrets that night! I knew I would take a large pay cut from my last job at any job but I hated the hours (11:30-8pm). I also read many reviews that the company was not good! I was in so much anxiety it was agony finally I called the end of next day & said I could not accept but my recruiter is VERY pushy & he convinced me to take it by changing the hours to 10:30-7. He even said just stay for a few weeks then find something else. Finally I have convinced myself to just give it a try. I don't know why I have so quickly changed my mind but I cry because of the anxiety of starting this job & I never felt that before that's why I feel it's a bad sign. I keep telling myself it's just brought on by the extreme change in my life mom gone/new job/less pay/new hours gosh is it stressful!!!
  3. Hello, I can understand what you are going through! My boyfriend & me moved into a new apartment last January & this was my first time living on my own! Shortly after in in April I believe it was they laid my boyfriend off. He decided to go to trade school. At this time I was making very good money but it was still hard for me to be the breadwinner. Then my company started laying people off, I knew my time was coming & the anxiety was crippling sometimes I can't describe it. I was laid off last November, the day before Thanksgiving. But actually after I was laid off I felt more relief than waiting to be laid off! And we got by still, my boyfriend graduated & got a job & just this week I got a job! So my story is even if you do get laid off things seem to work out, it's that way for most everyone when they look back. Know that if times get tough you will be strong. I'm sure you've had tough times before where you were strong too. maybe a good change will come you never know! Hoping for the best for you!