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  1. Hi Brit, I think you have a lot of time to meet that special one and it will happen,just don't pressure yourself,go out in groups of mixed sexes and have a good time,get to know everyone with no pressure on you to like one of them,eventually u will meet someone.
  2. Hi Embrace 124,this sounds like anxiety to me too,I get tightness in my chest when I feel my anxiety getting out of control and pressure in my face,and when my anxiety gets back my blood pressure goes up,I have checked my bloodpressure two or three times in a day just to make sure it isn't out of control,anxiety is such a complex thing if I don't understand all the symptoms. I could be sitting watching a movie and my anxiety starts up,so hard to understand it ,hope everything works out for you!
  3. Hi Melibu8,I also have anxiety but not those systoms,but I do have tightness in the chestmand heartburn those are the first symptoms I get to alert me that my anxiety is starting up,I am on med which help are you?
  4. Hi JoeJoe,I also am taking med for anxiety,I have good days and some bad days where I also have thoughts about what wrong with me,I think the best medicine is to keep busy and surround yourself with people so your mind doesn't have time to think about your ailments. I have had days that I was so worried about my symptoms for no reason because the next day I was fine,your anxiety can play games with you and I think this site is great for people to talk with others.
  5. Thank you everyone for your post,today was a good day,as I said I have anxiety and I have had a few things happening to me that I think I can now relate to menopause. The reason I checked the site out was I started getting flushes in my face and everyone knows that has to do with menopause so going through the symptoms I feel a bit better,so now I am going to get a Salvia Hormone testing done to see whats going on,I hope its gonna be that simple but anyone will be surprised on how having your hormone imbalanced effect your body.
  6. Sorry about the smileys didn't know what to do to post,I have anxiety and I have been having a lot things happening to my body would love to talk with people about this.