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  1. Jon. I didn't really know there are forums for DID, I'll look them up, thanks. Right now my therapist is helping as much as she can, but this disorder is hard to control or help. My family thinks I'm just crazy and the "change" between personalities are hard to grasp because it just looks like I'm bipolar.. and that's not it. The only moment that they realize that I'm not crazy or bipolar is when the Suzy arrives because she cries a lot (she's very sensitive; she's 6 years old). My fiance has met all of them except one.. so far he recognize when Hazel, Suzy and D. are around but he can't recognize the rest that well; he met me with this disorder but I never told him until this year. For outsiders I seem like a random, strange and weird girl. Thank you Jon, is hard having two disorders, but.. I can't give up..right?
  2. Well, I haven't seen any place for people who suffer from multiple personalities (if I'm wrong and there's a place then I would like to know). So, I'm 19 (soon to be 20), I'm from Puerto Rico and I have multiple personalities. So far I have 7 personalities, all females from a kid to adults. The ones that are usually around are Hazel, Anne & the little girl Suzy. I have an account on another forum that's for people with eating disorders and Hazel has made threads there and people get confused.. It affects me and my loved ones in lots of ways. For example, if I'm with my fiance and Hazel comes around he can't treat her like he treats me.. Hazel is lesbian, and even tho its my face and body Hazel is complete different person.. My "emotions" change for them, but in my reality is just one of the girls that's taking control who feels that way not me.. Its complicated to explain because for me they are all different and totally separated people.. But at the same time they are me.. they talk to me, is like I have guests in my head..
  3. I am anorexic..still fighting, but not with professional help.. I've been anorexic for the past 2 years and 5 months and I've had help here and there..didn't work. Now I'm stuck in 93/94libs and nothing feels to have a meaning for me anymore.. sometimes I just want it over the hard way (if you know what I mean) and I tried it to be over but every time I failed.. I'm still here.
  4. Metal core, grunge, dub step, classical rock, screamo, alternative..
  5. Math Smith xD favorite doctor ever, tho my favorite companion is Donna.
  6. I'm a big fan of old movies, yes the acting is less good compared to the ones now but I must say I didn't like at all the remake of the movie "The Dark Crystal" and the remake of "Evil Dead". The remake of "Carrie" was ok in some aspects, but I still prefer the old one.
  7. "Go Ask Alice" is an amazing book, I read it when I was in 9 grade; my English teacher leant it to me from her personal books. It made me open my eyes to reality of life. Also "For one more day" (if I'm not mistaken) is another great book. Both are short so I think it will be easy for a young teen to read it.;
  8. Thank you so much, I looked around the different information this site provides and I think this will help. I'm horrible talking to people in person since I prefer silence most of the time; I'm a deep thinker. Tho I can't find anything related to my disorder, dissociative identity disorder, commonly known as Multiple personality disorder, so if you read something that "I" post in here and somehow doesn't go along with things I post..well now you might know why. Its hard, I have 6 split personalities. All are female, one is lesbian, another cries almost all the time, one is an asshole (this one have tendencies of Bulimia)... they are all so different. People get the "she's so weird!" Image of me.. and that makes me feel so alone. Thank you all for your welcoming replies, I hope this helps me.
  9. Hi, I'm new here as for today. A friend of mine recommended me this forum, she said I was gonna find what I need. I'm 19 years old and I suffer from depression, DID (dissociative identity disorder), self harm and anorexia nervosa. (Got a hell of a sad story). Right now I'm deep into a face of depression and didn't notice until a friend pointed out. I think I'm here because I might be understood? I don't know, but I might as well try