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  1. HI to all still reading this thread: Transiently increased urinary frequency without blood is just not a sign of cancer. Bladder and kidney cancers don't do that. (Increased urinary frequency with blood is still much more likely to be antibiotic responsive bacterial infection). Ovaries are not part of the urinary tract at all and generally won't effect urination. When prostate cancer causes increased urinary frequency, its in older men, think above 60, and the symptoms tend to start start before it's cancer. Anxiety does cause increased urinary frequency. 1. It increases blood pressure which increases the filtration pressure at the kidney which increases urine production. 2. It increases sympathetic tone which increases the contraction of the pelvic muscles which can increase the pressure inside the bladder even at lower volume. 3. It increases enteroception, the attention to internal sensations. 4. Increased stress causes increased urination in animal models. Hope this helps.
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    Hi Damian, Just by numbers alone: incidence (i.e. new cases of ALS) is about 1-2 in 100,000 annually. And that tends to be in people in their 50's and 60's; they are NOT 15. So probability of you having ALS is very very low. Probability of your having anxiety seems to be verging on 100%. I agree with folks that de-stressing is important. I also think that having a good relationship with a primary care doc if possible is also a good idea for folks with health anxiety. Figure that you have a predisposition to interpret innocuous body sensations as a reason for alarm. Also remember that Google is set up to give you only the worse case scenario without context. Checking in briefly at fixed intervals with a physician might be helpful to go over new questions that arise and manage some anxiety, and having a therapist to talk about anxiety with is also helpful so it doesn't end up getting in your way as you go through your life.
  3. would need to see a photo to get a better sense, but common things being common, i'd go with folliculitis/pimple. Even abscess or furuncle if larger. Other signs of an infection are warmth, redness, swelling. I once had a furuncle on my leg that required I and D, dermatologist did it in the office and it was pretty straight forward and brief. If lymphadenopathy, usually still not anything serious. I get intermittent and transient swelling in cervical and occipital nodes on the right side, especially after shaving.Sometimes I can feel the swelling and its uncomfortable. Other times its not noticeable. Anyway, probably not too much to worry about.
  4. Yes! I've been trying to find the words to put to the way it actually feels. Because it's surreal. And when it's passed I wonder how it actually felt. An experience that somehow defies language. I've said it feels like falling through the air suddenly. Also somehow like nausea. I also get "the breath being sucked out," and I also get this sensation in my abdomen, for me it's like a sudden urgency. And yes, I'll cough too! And change position. But then it's like a cloud has come over me. I'm lost in terror. I can barely speak. I can't smile. I get flustered. I lose my place in conversation. It's horrible in a way that would be hard to describe to people that don't know, I suspect the way something like childbirth defies words for people that haven't had the experience of it. Yes it's discomfort, but that doesn't begin to get to the texture of the experience which is so much more.
  5. Hi All: I'd love to join this conversation. I'm 43. I've experienced what I think was ectopy very rarely throughout my life, but it was very unusual and did not bother me until one day in May 2019, when I was 40. I got several in a row, and they were accompanied by this awful feeling that was some combination of falling through the air and electrical sensations all over. I went to the ER and the EKG was normal, they were unconcerned and I was sent home. Since then I've worn a cardiac event monitor a couple times for over a week and it picked up occasional PVCs and PACs, but no other kinds of arrythmias. I saw a cardiologist who reviewed the monitor report and ordered an echocardiogram, which showed a structurally normal heart and with that data, he has reassured me that these events are nothing to be concerned about. He gave me some metoprolol to decrease frequency. Incidentally, my father gets them too, and was also 40 years old when they started. He's 80 now and still going strong, and still getting PVCs. His brother does too and is also alive and healthy a couple years younger. Nevertheless, I am always worried that they are about to happen, and when they do I feel absolutely terrified and powerless. I have adopted avoidant behavior and feel like I'm increasingly living in fear. Despite the reassurance, I think I have been developing worsening panic disorder. Would love to be able to chat with people that also have dealt with similar issues. Thanks!