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    Hi everyone. I will be in Chat today. Lets get chat popping like it used to be!!! 🙂
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    I know, it only makes things worse. I'm counting on forums such as this one to tell me when there is a breakthrough. I hope my story helped you a bit.
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    I've been worrying myself sick over this, between mucus in the back of my throat constantly and what feels like shortness of breath but isn't according to a doctor and my nurse sister, I've been terrified I might have this. Plus I bough a pulse ox which may have been a bad idea and I keep getting scared its not 98 but 95-97. My nurse sister listened to my chest, she says I sound fine, I have no real fever so she thinks it's just that allergies are really bad right now which could be true. Either way this is ruining my life, I feel tired, I only sleep 4-5 hours maybe before jolting up in the middle of the night and I can't concentrate on anything, I just want this whole thing to end. Won't be that lucky though, even if I don't have it it'll go on long enough that I might get it anyway, I'm just banking on that that I'm young so it hopefully won't be too bad. I'm just scared and nervous, I hate having constant panic attacks.
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    You are exactly right it has everyone second guessing but if you already have that nature its worse I did short my Dr a message that I need something mild and fast acting to go with my buspirone and how I was feeling. He said i could schedule a video appt.