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    Hi. I haven't been on lately at all.. little anxious since starting a new job so it always flares my health anxiety when I'm anxious, before I sign off the site I had to ease your worries. Hun, you don't have ovarian cancer..you just had your pap and when they do the eternal exam they are feeling your ovaries. My friend had liver cancer that metastasized to her ovary her symptoms where not subtle. Spotting , and after even a sip of water she looked easy four months pregnant. She never complained of frequent urination. Bloating is normal.. her bloating was shocking..I saw it and I knew something was very very wrong. Hugs..please don't worry. Ask yourself what is really causing your anxiety uptick? Was it your pap smear? That always makes me anxious.. is it the virus and all this crazy news coverage? When I ask myself ok holls, what's going on I can always get to the true root why I'm anxious.
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    By talking to multiple GPs and neuros. A neuro was a friend. My psychiatrist also has experience in neuro. I still get pains. Pins and needles. Buzzes. Tingling. Burnings. There are days I get fed up. Today is infact one of those days. I am trying hard not to crack