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    Wow, I’m sorry that you’re going through this. Stress and anxiety will defiantly cause your blood pressure and heart rate to spike. When I was going through my health anxiety spiral, my blood pressure/heart rate would stay high. You might also want to start eating a healthier diet, and see if that also helps to bring your blood pressure down. My advice to you, is to work with your psychiatrist to find a right regime to help your anxiety. In the mean time, find things to get your mind off of what is causing your anxiety. Read a book, do yoga, exercise, etc. You need to relax because your not doing your blood pressure any favors. Beat of luck!
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    Quick update it's 5:10 pm and no call.... results still not posted in my patient portal..... maybe I will have the courage to call tomorrow.... I am feeling very hopeful!
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    When I have bad allergies, my body goes nuts! This also sounds like how my body reacts to stress— I can get very anxious & it causes many of those symptoms— ear popping, head fullness, etc. Make sure you are not clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth! TMJ can cause all of those symptoms too. Feel better!
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    Actually this sounds like me last week. Minus the peppermint oil. And, thankfully, the inlaws. Frankly, I think that's the cause