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  1. So sorry to hear about your IBC diagnosis, but very happy that you’re doing alright. And I’ve already rung my OBGYN and have an appointment for Tuesday. If you don’t mind me asking, how did your symptoms first present?
  2. Thank you Holls. I don’t have anything going on besides this rash. I’m not too sure but I think that it looks a little bit redder today. When I first noticed the rash, it was rather tiny, thought it was some kind of spider bite. Then like a day or so later, to my horror, I woke up to the spot more than tripling in size and two new itchy spots under it. Other than that, my actual breast is completely unaffected. No swelling, no warmth, no huge sunburn like rashes on it, or or orange peel apparently, etc. Never thought that I would be falling down the IBC rabbit hole. 🥺
  3. Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I posted here. I'm 27 years old and 35 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I have no history of breast cancer that runs in the family. About two days ago, I notice a small itchy rash near my armpit. I put it off as a spider bite, as that's what it looked and felt like. Then this morning I itch the rash, and look into my shirt to discover that spot has become bigger. There were also two more spots on top of each other lower down by my armpit area. None of the rashes are directly on my breast. If I put my bra on, the rashes line up where it could have possibly been rubbed by my bra. I can't be for sure though... I have no other symptoms, except nipple discharge. I'm 35 weeks pregnant though and have colostrum coming from both nipples. I have fibrous lumpy breast and have had an ultrasound about a year ago, which turned out normal or nothing suspicious. I have a history of health anxiety and thinking the worst. Should I be worried about this? I’m worried that it could be the early stages of inflammatory breast cancer.
  4. Are there any women here who have lumps in their breast? I first noticed that I had lumps in my breast whenever I was 19. Went to an OBGYN, whom told me it was from dense breast tissue. I’ve never really had any problems since then. I go for my yearly and they’ll check my breast, as I also check my breast regularly. I still have lumpy breast and I’m now 26. Anyways, my anxiety is kinda bad and I went to get checked out at my OBGYN today. She did a breast exam and felt the lumps. I have lumps in the exact places on both sides. She mentioned fibrodema or fibrocystic breast but doesn’t think that it’s cancer. I’m having an ultrasound next week, for a “peace of mind” to me. Has any other woman had this issue? I’m kinda scared.
  5. Lol. My anxiety has been around for years. I just go through these humps, where it becomes out of control. It started to get out of control about 3 weeks ago. It really escalated when I had a dream of having a brain tumor. I know that dreams mean nothing, but it sure sent my anxiety through the roof.
  6. That’s what I thought as well. And then I checked my hr/bp, both were fine. It’s just driving me crazy more than anything. I was sitting here thinking it’s from ALS or a brain tumor. 😭
  7. But I just started the medicine and this had been going on for 2 weeks.
  8. Are driving me crazy. Like from my mid chest up, just won’t stop shivering. My doctor said it’s anxiety. She said in the past year, I’ve had all kinds of scans and test done. She said it’s not my heart or a brain tumor. I’m on betta blockers, lexapro, and hydrazine. I start coinciling this Friday....
  9. Wow, it seems like you and I are having the same troubles with the speech. Do you have internal vibrations as well?
  10. Thank you. I just hope this Lexapro helps with the internal vibrating! It’s making my anxiety so much worse.
  11. Does anyone else get their words mixed up? Like I said noseflo instead of Flonase. Or I said the “school of stress” instead of “the stress of school.” On top of that, I’ve been having what feels like internal vibration and all around doom/gloom feeling. I’ve been feeling this way for over two weeks but my anxiety has been really high has well. I’ve always have had cognitive problems like forgetfulness, understanding, and finding the right words to say. It just seems more amplified and I’m hyperaware of it. My biggest concerns are a brain tumor. 🙄 I just started back on lexapro and a new beta blocker for my elevated heart rate yesterday.
  12. I do trust my doctor, and I am seeking treatment. Just I’m scared about the whole getting my wording mixed up and stuff. Is that normal with anxiety?
  13. Just wanted to update... So I was just released from the hospital the yesterday morning. I was sent because of my blood pressure and heart rate. I had an EKG, blood, and urine done, which was basically normal besides tachycardia and a UTI. I was released and followed up by a new doctor today. I told her my history with health anxiety and my fear of having a brain tumor. Have had some eye strain(I do have astigmatism), brain frog, feels like I have a weight on my head, confusion, and writing/saying words strangely. The new doctor experienced me say naseflo instead of Flonase, which she said was from my anxiety. On the phone today instead of saying “the stress of school”, I said “the school of stress.” To be fair, I’ve always have had confusion and forgetfulness. Just not to that extent. She did a brief neurological exam and shined a light in my eyes, which looked good. She thinks everything is from my anxiety, which she’s probably right. I broke down crying to her, while explaining my fears. She put me back on my lexapro, something to lower my heart rate, and something else to take when I can’t sleep. She’s also going to set me up with a counselor. I’m glad someone is actually trying to help, and I plan on trying to treat my anxiety. Still, I’m sure it’s probably anxiety but can’t can’t brain tumor out of my head. Can anyone offer some reassurance?
  14. I had the MRI about 10 months ago, for ringing in my ears. My primary insurance kicked me off whenever I turned 26. So the doctor I went to since whenever I was a child, I can no longer see. I have an appointment with a new doctor tomorrow. I’m going to talk with them about my fears/concerns, and hopefully getting me on some meds for anxiety again. I’m also going to look into counseling.
  15. That didn’t say. I have a high heart rate already, with the resting being in the 90’s. My anxiety spiked because I had received a call that my children’s step dad was in the hospital for heart trouble. When my anxiety I’d like that, it’s not unusual to to be high. I had asked about the possibility of a brain tumor, was told we wasn’t even going down that road because I had no headaches and stuff. Still, my head just feels funny and I can feel my heart pounding.
  16. I went to the hospital and received some fluids and antibiotics. I was diagnosed with a UTI and an trachychardia. Blood work was fine, as well as the EKG. (Besides showing trachychardia.) My anxiety is at an all time high again. I have this horrible fear that I have a brain tumor! Like, it’s pressing against my brain stem causing the heard weirdness and elevated heart rate. On the other side, my health anxiety is spiraling out of control. 😭
  17. The doctor told me to go to the ER. My heart rate is in the 130’s and my blood pressure was 150/110.
  18. No but I need to. I have plans on getting some time of machine, maybe a treadmill. Something that I can work out on. And thank you! I’m going to go to my doctor after I get out of school today. Maybe it’ll put my mind to ease.
  19. Sorry for posting so much, my anxiety is just sky rocketing. Is there anyone here who was convinced they had a brain tumor/brain cancer, turned out to be fine. I’m mainly concerned because I’m been feeling off for about 2 and a half weeks, since nursing school started. Like an invisible cloud is pushing on the top of my head. My cognitive abilities are a lot worse than usual. I’ve always had problems with forgetfulness, hard of earing, and some confusion. Now it seems to be just amplified... Like, I’ve noticed when I’m speaking or writing, I catch myself switching things around. Like instead of writing gr, I wrote rg. When saying words like reckit Ralph, I’d say something like ralphit reckit. This isn’t an all the time thing, only when I’m not really paying attention. Not to mention I had I guess what was a panic attack my first day of school. Been feeling off ever since then, but have had high anxiety about having had a nightmare of having a brain tumor. Please someone talk me down! I had a head MRI less than a year ago for ringing in my ears, everything was normal. 😩
  20. I drink over a gallon of water a day or close to a gallon. I stay pretty hydrated... I do take a diuretic to treat symptoms of my PCOS.
  21. I think that maybe it’s more of me being light headed. The room doesn’t actually start spinning. When it happens, I just feel a bit unsteading for a few minutes. Like I have a weight pushing down on my head, that’s the best I can describe it.
  22. I’ve seen where it is on the list of other symptom list. 😥
  23. I’ve been feeling a little off for the past week and a half. Maybe it’s because of starting nursing school or lack of sleep. On my first day, I thought I was going to have a heart attack and die. Anyways, I’ve been having what I think is dizzy spells that last a few seconds and my head has been feeling funny. So of course I think I have a brain tumor... 😭 What are the chances of be having brain cancer at 26? I had an MRI March 2018 of my heard, which came back normal. What are the chances of growing a tumor in 10-11 months? I know some brain cancers can be very fast growing and aggressive. Does anyone have any statistics or something that they can give me?
  24. Hi everyone, I’ve been suffering a lot with my health anxiety lately. Since yesterday, I’ve been getting this tinging pain in my left breast. To give a more accurate discription what it feels like, is the pain you get in your boobs if a baby cries when your breastfeeding. I’m not breast feeding and I’m on birth control. I’m so afraid that it’s breast cancer or inflammatory breast cancer. I have no other symptoms, just that painful sensation. Anybody got a clue what’s going on? ☹️