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I have Panic Disorder and Housebound Agoraphobia. I'm trying to work on getting out of the house more. The problem is that I wasn't able to renew my license when I was 21 and it's been expired for several years. As of now there is no way I can make the far trip to the dmv and take the tests. How am I supposed to work on driving further if I can't legally drive? I believe the law says if your license has been expired for more than 6 months you have to get a temporary permit again. I've always been a great driver since I got my license at 16 no accidents or speeding tickets etc. I've currently just been riding a bike to go further each day. Has anyone on here ever had to deal with a situation like this?

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Hi DG!...  It's been well over a year since you posted this, and I was wondering how things are going for you.  Were you able to get your license at some point?  I too suffer from Panic Disorder, and early on was beginning to develop some agoraphobia, but I was lucky, and the agoraphobia was short lived.  Sure hope you are doing better...  Chuck🐈

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