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  1. I have Panic Disorder and Housebound Agoraphobia. I'm trying to work on getting out of the house more. The problem is that I wasn't able to renew my license when I was 21 and it's been expired for several years. As of now there is no way I can make the far trip to the dmv and take the tests. How am I supposed to work on driving further if I can't legally drive? I believe the law says if your license has been expired for more than 6 months you have to get a temporary permit again. I've always been a great driver since I got my license at 16 no accidents or speeding tickets etc. I've currently just been riding a bike to go further each day. Has anyone on here ever had to deal with a situation like this?
  2. That sounds awesome! I would love to find something like that, but I haven't had much luck when it comes to looking for under the table work. I feel like I have all the time to do it and I have a great computer setup. I was running a youtube page but i stopped that for now. I will have to try and look for more businesses that want a fb twitter etc...
  3. @Gilly Thank you very much Gilly and I'm glad to hear you're progressing. That's amazing Keep up the good work @Ihadcancer Thank you! That sounds amazing having all those people come from all over to get together. Sounds like some great people. I would like to work from home but haven't been able to find anything good. I have great computer and typing skills but the main problem is that i need something that i can count on because I will lose my SSI/SSDI.
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Steven. I'm 30 years old. I've been living with Panic Disorder and Housebound agoraphobia for around 10 years. I have lost many many things and people in my life due to this. From all my loss, having a problem leaving the house, and the annoying panic attacks it has caused me to also have depression. Although it's not very bad it is there at times. I love laughing or being goofy, playing with my dogs, gaming, watch comedy/action movies, and working out. I will always help someone if I can. I'm hoping to meet some nice people on here that can relate to what I'm going through and make some friends. Last but not least... even though I've struggled with this for a very long time and gave up for a while, I'm determined to turn things around and live my life to its fullest.