Sleeping disorder made me drug addict

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Hi, I am working in an IT company. As all know the work there is full of stress. I used to sleep nearly by 3 in the night and wake up at 5 in the morning. Usually, I am more of a sleepy person. But as the work is hectic now I am not able to sleep. So I started taking sleeping pills so that I can sleep well. Taking sleeping pills can make me sleep. But at the workplace, I am feeling tired and I am not able to work properly. After the daily conception of this sleeping pills, my appetite has changed. I was able to climb the stairs easily. But after the frequent usage of this sleeping pills, I am not able to climb stairs that easily. I find difficulty in breathing too. So I tried avoiding sleeping pills. But I am not able to do it. I think that I am addicted to sleeping pills. My friend suggested undergoing drug addiction treatment program from a clinic in Vancouver. Will this treatment help me to get rid of this sleeping pills? Is this a difficult task? Are there any special steps that I should take? Please help me out.

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Yes go to the program. If it is giving you breathing problems that's really alarming. You need to get off them.

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