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*Revised* Chat Room Conduct - Please Read

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The Anxiety Central Chat Room is primarily a Mental Health Chat. By entering the Chat Room you are agreeing to abide by the following rules.

The Chat Room is here for you to enjoy. Please respect your fellow members. Name calling, bullying and racial terms can incite unwanted tension and arguments, and can cause fellow sufferers unnecessary distress. You are free to joke around and have fun but if it is deemed to go too far and you are asked to stop by a Moderator, please do as they say. It is in the best interests of all members. If you refuse to stop you will be kicked from the Chat Room. If you return to the Chat Room and continue to cause disruption you will be given a temporary 'cooling down' Chat Room ban, The length of the ban will be between 1 - 24 hours and will be determined by myself or a Moderator.

Also please be reminded that this is first and foremost an anxiety/mental health site. Our members are adults, it's acceptable to talk about adult subjects but please be aware that graphic sexual chat and content is not permitted. IF YOU ARE ASKED TO STOP OR TAKE IT TO PM PLEASE RESPECT THAT AND DO SO - Links to pornographic material are not to be posted in the Chat Room. 

*If you are feeling suicidal please be aware that all we are able to do is offer you contact information for you to talk to a professional. We are a community of mental health sufferers, discussing suicide and a desire to act upon it is distressing for members to see. By all means ask for help but please do not discuss suicide in detail or you will be asked to leave*

A healthy Chat Room is all about RESPECT. Respect each other and its a comfortable place to be for all.


Gilly and the Anxiety Central Team

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