struggling to eat...

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Hi guys!


iv just seen a post I posted a few years back an it just proves how mental heath affects your eating!

my post was addicted to eating...

id still say I have issues with food! I'm a bot obsessed like omg I have to eat or Il pass out... Lately iv really been struggling to eat... Even my favorite foods... I coped for a while just eating bananas yogurts an a small meal a day as they were easy to get down but I'm even finding that difficult...

my first thought when i woke up this morning was ffs I have to eat today... I skipped breakfast then made myself fish and chips just couldn't get it in...

iv just been talking to my neighbor an he said it may still b med related and make sure I drink plenty of water!

the fear of passing out is beating the not wanting to eat so I am forcing food in but its not nice...

I'm also eating really slow and people are noticing I'm struggling to get it down a lad I dating came when I was eating toast and said uv been eating that for ages it looks a struggle n I just shrugged it off laughed n said yeah it is a bit...


anyone have any ideas what's going on or b able to suggest foods that are was to get down with high energy?

I'm still struggling with my weight a little so I'm looking for healthy options!

much love!


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hi Leo 

maybe meal replacement drinks can help for now till your appetite comes back.  is your anxiety causing you not to feel like eating.  I know when I was really anxious I can't eat.  and once your appetite slowly comes back have some energy bars too. 

just some suggestions hope you get your regular appetite  back soon. 

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hi :) I seem to be alot better with my eating these past few days... I think it may have just been down to stress self hatred and anxiety! They are really good suggestions I don't know why I didn't think of that at the time... Thank you!


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