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Can never go to sleep

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I feel like I'm starting to go through a time where my anxiety is going to be really bad at night. I was on the phone with some friends for a couple of hours and I got off at 1:30 (I know I probably stayed on too late) but I felt fine and then as soon as I got off the phone and got ready for bed my heart sped up and it felt like it was beating too fast and irregular.

It's not 2:09 and I still can't get to sleep. For about two weeks now I've been going to sleep at anywhere from 12 to 2:30 in the morning. I can feel it starting to effect my body. I've been feeling very weak and tired. Also for the past three days I've been having bad migraines that just won't go away.

I would love to go to sleep earlier, but I physically can't. The earliestI have gone to bed has been 11:00. But some nights are better than others. I just wish it would stop.

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