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Hello to anyone bothered to read this...


Should members of this website have an option to delete there own accounts on here?


Should member here have an option to block other people in the chatroom?


I believe, it may be better to have these options for oneself because some people may not feel comfortable with it maybe.


Kind Regards



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Here is what a member is free to do ...........go elsewhere or go nowhere or stay here. You're free to do that.

Gilly already explained that the format available to ANXIETY CENTRAL has no option for blocking other members inside the chat room.

If you come to the chat room and you are unhappy with another member who is chatting, you are free to go and come back at a later time when said member is not in chat.  You are so free to do all of those.

You're also free, coincidentally enough, to unplug from the interwebs completely and go outside and get a nice breath of fresh air. You can go to the coffee shop , where you can NOT 'ignore button' other people in the coffee shop. Same applies to work, church, doctors' offices, public transit, grocery stores and parks. But in those locations, you can plug into your IPOD and just listen to love songs ! 

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As I have said before I have requested a modification to ignore a user on chat, at this moment in time the option is not available. The option to delete your account is not available, for a good reason. I can do nothing about that.


You do have an option, you can choose to not visit this web site if it is not to your liking, or you can choose to leave the chat room if you wish to at any time, that choice is totally available to you.


Kind regards

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