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Now philosophy is not much use to anxiety sufferers. Or is it? There is a lot of wisdom that comes from it and a lot that can be learned about ourselves and our place in the world. Below are some words from one of the worlds oldest books in fact five thousand years old. "The I Ching". It is an Oracle, but that need not concern us here. It is Chinese in origin and remember, the Chinese were highly civilised while we were running around in furs and living in caves.  "I Ching" means the book of change. Don't we all want to change? 


"If a person encounters a hinderance at the beginning of an enterprise (like recovery. my words) he must not try  to force advance but must pause and take thought. However, nothing should put him off his course; he must persevere and constantly keep the goal in sight. It is important to seek out the right assistants, but he can find them only if he avoids arrogance (the 'knowalls')  and associates with his fellows in a spirit of humility. Only then will he attract those with whose help he can combat his difficulties".


" One is still waiting on the open plain. Conditions are still simple, yet there is a feeling of  something impending. One must continue to lead a regular life as long as possible. Only in this way does one guard against a waste of strength, keep free of blame and error that could become a sourse of weakness later on".


"The waiting is over; the danger can no longer be averted. One falls into the pit and must yield to the inevitable. Everything seems to have been in vain. But precisely in this extremity things take an unforseen turn. Without any move on one's own part there is outside intervention. At first one cannot be sure of its meaning; is it rescue or is it destruction? A person in this situation must keep his mind alert and not withdraw into himself with a sulky gesture or refusal but must greet the new turn with respect. Thus he ultimately escapes the danger, and all goes well. Even happy turns of fortune often come in a  form that at first seems strange to us".


So 5,000 years ago they had such problems. Guys, you are not alone.    Jon.

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