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Long time reader, infrequent poster. I posted a couple of years ago about my younger sister (50 yrs old) suddenly having Stage IV colon cancer (has since passed away) and how her wish for my brother and I was to get colonoscopies. We both did and I am on a 3 year surveillance schedule after they found 2 sessile serrated adenomas (7mm and 10mm). I am going for my 3 yr on Monday and I'm completely freaked out. Mind you, I was not this scared when I got the initial screening (or maybe I'm forgetting that). I keep going down the rabbit hole of, "They'll find cancer this time. The doctor missed something or didn't get all of the polyps removed completely..." you know the drill.

I know what I'm NOT supposed to do and I know that doing it isn't going to give me the reassurance that I'm looking for. I had a consultation with the actual Dr. doing my procedure (who did my last one) and he answered all of my questions. He was very chill about it and said he doesn't expect to find anything other than maybe more polyps. Still, only temporarily reassured.
I do have a question for any folks who may have experience. In general, if folks abide by the guidance and get their colonoscopy as directed, is the expectation that they would catch anything that's cropped up in between?  I'm looking for anyone to share their experiences not to provide me any reassurance.
I wish I could break this cycle and be able to live my life without fearing that something is always lurking around the corner waiting for me to be happy and free for 1 minute to then pounce.

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I'm the only person in my family who had colon cancer.  Stage III in Jan 2009 and a small spot on my liver in March 2012.  They removed 80% of my liver and at 6 years, released from care.  I only had 1 polyp ever.

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