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Has anyone with a very normal period cycle been 27 days late?! I took multiple home pregnancy tests all negative, went in to my doc got blood work done which also came back negative and everything else they checked for came back good as well including hormones. Before I left the office the doc wanted to do a physical just by pushing on different parts of my stomach, when he pressed hard on my lower left side it hurt to the point that made me practically jump off the table! His response was "woah there's a tender spot there, I'll set you up an appointment with the gynecologist which is August 14th. The spot doesn't give me any pain normally it was just when he pressed on it that it hurt really bad. Every once in a while I get a twinge where I would say my left ovary is but nothing lasting or bothersome, just noticeable. 

Has anyone experienced this before?? I have to wait until mid August for this next appointment but I'm slightly freaked out! 

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