Obsessive intrusive thoughts

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Hi. Mambobanes.    The answer is let them come but see them for what they are. Thoughts in a tired mind. Trying to not have them and fighting them off is useless.  Try not to react to them. If you allow them to frighten you it will make things worse. You can look for distractions, but eventually you come back to having to face the thoughts. They are only thoughts and thoughts never did harm. There is no death certificate that says 'he died of thoughts'. They can make you feel bad, oh yes. Allow them to come, but look at them without comment.  They only have the energy you give them.

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There are lots of people who deal with intrusive thoughts. The more you will open up with your story, the better chance that everyone will understand what intrusive thoughts you get. Than they can help you by giving some tips to help you.

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